New swasan ff by Anniya (Introduction)

Hii guys anniya here, well I have four ideas running in my mind. Just giving you prologue of those stories, whichever story you will want to me start first I will do it. About couple you already know who could be.
Guys pls read note whoever reading ( bhabhi pls give ur sister hand and tere bin yaara)
1. Ae dile mushkil
Boy meets girl, he eventually fall for her in first sight. After friendship with her he told her about his love. She denied him saying she never seen him like that, still he tried to convince her but only failure getting his hand. Suddenly one night, he got to know her biggest secret.
Which changes their relation.

Guess guys: is she really not love him?
What is stopping her?
After knowing about her secret his love will vanish or increase?, will she ever accept him?
Note: she is not any rape victim.
2. Our love will overcome all problem
Boy and girl parent used to love each other. But due to consiparcy they both separated their ways, and married to someone else. Now instead of love their heart will filled with hateness for each other’s family.
What will happen when their children will fall love each other?, will they able to convince their parents or destiny again separate two love birds?
3. My different love story
This story is inspired by one novel.
Boy and girl meet each other at social sites. After couple of months they decided to meet each other. When both going to met, destiny plays its cruel game girl meet with fatal accident.
Now will they meet or their story will end before starting itself.
Note; it’s not fully taken, many things are different from that novel.
4. It will be mainly story of girl life. She is living in live in relationship with her boyfriend. Both used to love each other immersly.
Girl don’t able to give him her time due to her busy schedule. Boy started to become overprotective for her. He will start to interfere in her life. How will she deal with this new problem? Will she try to save her relation or gave up?
5. It will sequel of “ in your love”
Mad in each other love
I am not giving you prologue of this story because I will write it just like before , I mean whenever I get time I will post this story.
It will more thrilling and interesting from first season.
Start voting , do you guys want any other couple expect swasan or only swasan will okay for you.
Guys I don’t know I should be happy or sad, finally you all started liking tere bin yaara , I am very happy seeing response on that story but extremely sad for seeing your response on ff. That’s y I decided to stop that story for some week. What say??

Whatever story will get maximum vote , I will post that’s first part on Saturday/Sunday.

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  1. Anniya i think the third one is inspired from novel ‘I too had a love story’ its my favourite novel
    I want u to write third one as well as sequel to in your love
    I am very excited for in yourlove sequel love u loads…..

    1. Anniya

      Right, ya 3rd one is inspired from that novel.
      I will soon start in your love sequel

  2. SNY

    Interesting anni….
    Plz continue…

  3. Alia

    I liked the Ae dile mushkil n my different love story concept the most but the rest is up to u…whatever u like u can give…n update quickly

  4. Anniya the 3rd one has a terrible end but still i know u wont let it happen and u will give a happy ending so plz do write it

  5. Our love will overcome all problem . I liked this one’s storyline

  6. Vyshu10

    I liked ae dile mushkil most…….bt anniya plz give updates of ff plz

    1. Anniya

      I have posted teaser of that ff, if still cmnt will be not kk then I have to wait for new ideas for that ff.
      About new one, let see which story will mostly voted…

  7. I wanted da frst one…rest depend on u..continue soon

  8. Kakali

    3rs one is i guess ,, i too hade a love story … i have read it…
    ending is sooo beautifully horrified.. huhuhuhuhu…

    You know naa Anniya m soo greedy … n about SWASAN ff i want all … alllllll !!!
    sooo can’t say one name … what u’ll write i would love to read …
    Thnk u dear …

    1. Anniya

      Yup, 3rd one is inspired by that only. I don’t like that ending that’s I wanna thought about that story in different way. Now I am just waiting what they wanna read…

      1. Hey didi! U can start any story according to me, I loved take my vote in every…?

  9. Samaira

    Di do plz dont stop ur ff plzzz its a request from ur small sisy plz plz plzzz
    acha i liked are dil muskil but its deppend on vote n uu.

  10. ananya mallik

    2nd story

  11. Kakali

    Wooooo !!! Anniya i forgot to inform u … i have posted my chappy of new SS ‘a dream’…

    m informing u … sooo no risk… huffff !!!

    1. Anniya

      This time I need to give you big and tight wala hug……
      Thanks for informing me, now I am going to read it…..
      So noore back ban from my side…

  12. Sanjanaagrawal

    All are awesome … but 1st and second are best …

    Response on ur ff on wattapad
    26 READS
    1 COMMNT
    I have updated only 2 parts till now … and this the mixed response of both the parts ….

    Take care
    keep smiling ????

  13. Maryam

    Hey Anniya….I liked the idea of the first one i.e Ae dil hai Mushkil..N as well as the third one My different Love story..,Now it’s up to you which one you would write..,..sorry to inform but i am not a reader of your ff Bhabhi plz give your sister hand…N Actually I was a reader of Tere bin yaara but I left reading it as I myself is writing a Fanfic, so I got less time to read as other chores are also left I have missed two episodes of Tere bin Yaara i.e 2d N 2e..I hope you don’t mind, but eventually when I would get time j would really like to read them. ..N I really think they would be good..

    1. Anniya

      I am not stopping that ss , I getting amazing response. Also enjoying writing that one..
      Just taking break from my ff
      Thanks, I understand I also not able to read many ff due to writing. Whenever you get time you can read it….
      By the way what is your ff name

      1. Maryam

        It’s We are destined to fall in love….I am on the 8th part…if u got time plz read it..

  14. SRSL

    Please write on the first one……

  15. SRSL

    And post tere bin yaara ASAP…..please

  16. Swarmayi

    Anniya.. I’ll like to read 3rd 1.. & M madly waiting fr the sequel of ‘ in ur love ‘..

  17. Deeksha

    Well anniya…. All the ideas are good…. But I want the first one only….!!!!!rest is ur wish….!!!!!

  18. Cutiie

    3rdor 1st

  19. Innovative

    I want of both swasan and raglak. So for that you’ll need two stories so I suggest u 1st and 3rd one for the two pairs

  20. dr anniya,
    dunno witch 1 is bst.
    i lv my most fav is 1 & 2.
    bt i lv wt evr u write.
    cz i knw u write soo well. so no probs.
    write wt u want.
    hey bt im nt sure ill cmnt in ur evry epi dr. these days im so bsy with my siss mrg and my studys.
    bt i surly read ur ff.

    bt dnt wry abt babi plz gv ur sis hnd. ill cmnt in it evry epi.

    keep writing
    be happy always
    lv ya

  21. Arshaanya

    First one.. Ae dile mushkil..
    N only swasan bt u can add others aslo bt only little

    1. Anniya

      I think you are crct, two couples are very hard to handle

  22. Sanji

    the thrd one

  23. Raina_Riz

    3rd one

  24. 4 & 5 option I liked & the couples r only swasan & u can add others also.

  25. 4 one

  26. Third one and only swasan

  27. 1st one is nice actually main reason is I want to knw the secret Bt 3 one is also nice see what u want….. Bt this two concepts seems interesting ????

  28. Mahavir

    nice concepts anniya i think 1 and 2 are really amazing among the five.

  29. All r good… Would like to read all,but if you ask to choose I will say 1st story I.e. ae dile

  30. G.Chandu

    1st one is interesting…!! I would go for it…!!

  31. Shreeyu

    Sry Anniya dii . .. For late comment but i read it just now …. That also after seeing first episode of Ae di hai mushkil ….. And i was also going to vote for 1st ff

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