New swasan fanfic (Prologue)


A man in his late 20s is gets out of his bmw and enters a huge building. He enters the elevator and gets out on the 11 floor as soon as he enters the receptionist greets him by saying gud morning he just nods his head in response and goes inside. As he walks inside every employee greets him the same way and his response is also the same. As he was going to his cabin he heard two female employees talking
1 lady -Oh god he is so hot and handaome
2 lady- yes i know but does he have any interest in women he never talks to any women
1lady – hmm i dont know what to do to catch the eye of this sanskar maheshwari
Sanksar just hears this and ignores them and goes to his cabin
Sanksar’s POV
Everywhere i go all the women run behind me to get my attention to capture my heart but tgey dont know that my heart is somewhere else it just belongs to u swara
Swara the name itself created a dull ache in his heart. It had been 5 years since he had seen her, heard her voice but her memory was fresh in his mind. All the moments they had sent together were still the most beautiful moments of his life. Just how his wished he could get his life back, his swara back

So guys how was it?
Hello everyone I m Aniya. I have been a silent reader of swasan ff for a long time. Mr maheshwari and i
Stay away i m not ur husband
Don and his roma
And many more are the ff i just luv and adore. Anu anjali sujata and all the other writers are just awesome.
This is my first ever ff and my hands were literally shaking while typing this. I just hope that you guys will like it.
And please guys comment i really need ur support and yes please please please suggest a name for the ff. I will write another prologue having swar’s POV soon till tgen gus plz comment and let me know ur views.

Credit to: Aniya

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    1. Thank You s?

  1. interesting. plz continue

    1. Thank You mou?
      I will surely cont.

  2. Sujata14

    Go ahead girl…
    Looking forward to it…..
    Awww… thanks for mentioning my ff… so sweet of you ??

    1. Thank You so much sujata?
      I m soo glad tgat u liked it??
      I m also eagerly waiting for saimnuh especially after the teaser u gave
      Also wanted to ask u something. I actually posted this prologue with a pic of swasan but unfortunately it was not posted would possibly know what mistake i did. Actually i m new to writing ff so i dont know too much abt it. Anyways thanks?

  3. nice….interesting

    1. Thank You vyshu?

  4. Abirsha

    its nice…..

    1. Thank You shan?

  5. Aniya!!!.It’s wonderful… Plzz keep posting… Waiting for ur next post !

    1. Thank You Sam??. I will post the next the part today

  6. Nice..

    1. Thank You Radhika?

  7. Super make it long episode

    1. Thank You Priya. The next part is a prologue so it will be short but after that the episodes will be long i promise☺☺

  8. Pranali rahate

    Aniya…, its really awesome….!! & interesting too…?….keep posting…..
    WAITING for ur next post……☺
    Best wishes……. ?

    1. Thank You so much Pranali ?
      I have posted the second prologue plz read and comment ur views?

  9. Nice….plz post another ff also

    1. Thank You Kanak. I will first complete this ff then think of some other one??

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  11. Roshini Kapoor

    Superb and Awesome. Please do continue soon…

    1. Thank You Roshini. I have posted the second part of the prologue plz read and share ur views

  12. Nice dear

  13. Nice start

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