A new swasan fanfic….intro

Hey..everybody…I am here again to irritate you all
This is just an intro…frnds …I..need.to confess that I am watching serials even in my sleeps..not swasan ..or any body I know..I see to people lead this story.I really don’t know if I got it from movie book or something else..and even I don’t where they are taking me..for first few days i sow a girl from city meeting a village young man respected by everybody who is keenly into art and music…and a bond gets tied ein between them so i thought of imagining my imaginary leads as swasan because in my dream serial i just know the story up to know just as we read telly update with out watching episode..but they are very familiar to me now..like someone close..I.really don’t know why I see this..may be because. am really a lover of love stories..but guys I need to get rid of this..when I give a chance my brain..but the answer is no when I am in my own world because there I have no one to judge me except me..so i need ur true suggestions
Swara a girl at twenties and sanskar whose age is around 28 or 29
He is a musician and a perfect artist but not known to the outer world from where he finally finds his mate whom god has created by his part of backbone…(according to my faith)…they meet when swara who is fond of art and music set out a journey in search of her true destiny..goal of her life..in a small still beautiful and blessed like heaven……..and she finds that sanskar is not her…………
and destiny perhaps lead her somewhere else…where..I.really don’t know if you ask..so I invite every body to explore through my dream fiction
And I need suggestions in;
A name for the fanfic
A name for the place
And I need to know if I should continue or stop and if I should I need to tell you that I don’t know if I can lead all of you to a happily ever after climax because I fear that I will lose my dream somewhere………..so frnds please express your suggestions and and ur thoughts and support..thank you!..

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  1. Nice one dea.. Keep it up.. N watching serials even in sleep.. Now that shows uh are a real serial lover.. FAN.. !

  2. tiltle can be music..masti aur mohhabatt

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