New Swasan Fanfic coming up – Need your suggestion. pls peep in


Hai guys, Niveditha here. I need a suggestion. I am planning to start a new ff on swasan . not ff may be a ss. How many guys have read the works of Denise Robins? She is known as the queen of romance among English writers. There is a very intense romantic story written by Robins known as the Gypsy lover or The Romany lover. I read this story when I was in 10th standard and yeah it’s been my favourite one. So Coming back to my ff I would like to start the same story on Swasan. There in the original one the hero is Michael and heroine is Rina. In our story they will be replaced by Sanskar and Swara. it will be an intense love hate drama. In the original one written by Robins, the story is set in the backdrop of Hungary and I will set the story in the backdrop of pre independent India. So tell me guys you want me to write that. Only the story line will be as same as that of gypsy lover. I will add colours to the story as it fit in with Indian circumstances. I got this idea from Natasha who started writing a story on Swasan base on the book Selection. And her story is really awesome.
If you want me to continue then tell me if Laksh should be the villain or someone else? Laksh will be my preference and you’ll get to know the reason as the story moves forward.

I know that I have Phir Se to complete. But seeing the response from your side I feel like I must wrap it up as soon as possible. So tell me guys. What do you want? Do you guys want me to go ahead with the idea of recreating the magic of Romany lover on Swasan? Do you want me to continue Phir Se? do comment and tell me you opinion.

Credit to: Niveditha

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  1. Interesting. Go on babe♥

    1. Try…??

      1. Its not try but thank you….

  2. ohk but Lucky shud nt b dvillian……plzzzzz

    1. I beg u plzzzzz..dnt make our handsome lucky as villian instead make him a positive charater….as im serial also D writers made our Lucky villian in swasan plz dnt repeat d same…

      1. I won’t make lucky villain. Chill.. Thanks for the comment

  3. yes u continue please. and about laksh as villain it is up to you.I like to see laksh as villain

    1. Thank you????

  4. Even I have read that story …’s really nice one will be more good if it will be swaSan …..I will give u an suggestion ..☺?☺
    1. If u handle both at a time …u go on …with it
    2. If no , then finish that first ..then come to this ff ..
    It’s ur wish …I am always there for u to support …as I write 2 ff”s at a time …
    Meri aashique and will u be mine forever ..☺?
    Whatever u do ….I will support u …
    Great start …go ahead ….
    Keep smiling …

    1. Dolly yaar, please update forever mine soon. And Niveditha awesome idea but don’t make Laksh villian, please put Raglak also.

    2. Thank you Dolly.. Will try to handle both simultaneously..

  5. Will certainly support you if you write it Dr ..Swasan ff are never rejected 🙂 🙂 and it seems interesting Dr..i have not studied the book so will learn that from your ff 🙂
    waiting for your story update..what will you able the ff

    1. Thank u for the support Harani. Actually u must read Robins’ Gypsy lover. It is wonderful. I don’t know how it will look like when I recreate it. Yeah . I may name it as the Gypsy lover. Thank u so much.????

  6. That’s what will you name the ff

  7. sanskriti ( die hard fan of swasan )

    Yes it is awsm pls continue and thnks for swasan and for laksh pls keep him as positive person shuld I call u di as I m in 8st anyways luv u ?

    1. sanskriti ( die hard fan of swasan )

      Plz continue phir se also

      1. Thank u Sanskriti. U can call me do. I like it. I am the only child of my parents. So I’ll love it if u call me di…. Thanks for the comment…

  8. Nice concept 🙂

    1. Thank u…

  9. Niveditha I have not read the story but I will surely go on google and read it whenever I get time and I would love to read ur FF , and I have also started a FF on Swaragini , I have named it “Tere mere khwabon ki kahani (Story of our dreams)- Swaragini”
    Hoping that u will read it.
    Anyways continue it dear.

    1. You must read the book dear. It is awesome… I think on Google u may not get much info.. Read the book dear.. And yeah I ‘ll definitely read ur ff…??..thanks for the comment…

  10. I think u should go ahead with this new idea….will be intresting to see how you change things and make it a tad bit different from the original!! I also loved to see laksh as the villian in swasans life…its not that i dont like him…..but i wish that u make Laksh the villian Here……if u want u can change his villianous charecter as u proceed with ur story!

    1. Well.Swen, first of all thanks for the comment. I also wanted Laksh as villain here. But Raman literally begged to not make lakshya villain here. So sorry. Yeah of course our villain will redeem his path but it will be too late…

  11. Continue

    1. Than k u…???

  12. Why always swasan…please try this with Rosid… I’m fed up of swaragini ff…whenever I open the telly updates it’s full of swaragini ff…

    1. well there are many RoSid FFs also!! but the innumerable SwaRagini FFs show how much people like and adore it!!

      1. Thanks Seen for supporting me…???

    2. I watch only swaragini. I don’t know this Rosid. So pls bear with me. And no offense. I really don’t want to hurt you…???

  13. Ya continue

    1. Thanks Ayesha..??

  14. I’m all in if its SWASAN..

    1. Thank u…???

  15. Pls don’t makes laksh as bad role pls

    1. Yeah. I won’t make lakshya villain here…

    1. Thank u..???

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