A new story Ragini-episode 9


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Now Ragini reached the address.It was a beautiful house with a small garden in front of it.She walked through the garden and while walking she found a thick wooden stick.(cut off from tree)she took it in her hand n hid it behind her n walked towards the door.She rang the door bell.The door was opened n without having a look at the person she struck him on his forehead.
Shivansh: are u mad ? U stupid girl ?senseless woman

Listening his voice Ragini dropped the stick n now it fell on his foot.Shivansh yelled with pain. Clutching his foot with one hand n his head with another. He was jumping on his one foot. Ragini calmed him down.She clutched his shoulders n made him sit on the sofa.She went inside n brought a ice pack n kept on his forehead.He yelled with pain n held her hand trying to move her away.ragini resisted n continued applying the ice pack.They shared long eyelock which was broken by a msg tone
Shivansh:give it to me.First u hit n then u care so weird.
Ragini:I’m sry.Actually I got a call n so I came here.I didn’t know it is ur house.
Shivansh:I had only given that call.

Ragini glared at him.
Shivansh:just chill .don’t look at me like this it was a prank.
Ragini:what?a prank ?U almost gave me a heart attack by ur stupid prank n u call me stupid.If u r done with ur prank then I’ll leave.
Shivansh:No…..Ragini glared at him.I mean I had some work so I called u.prank was just to see how much fast u reach here.
Ragini:what work ?Wait a sec how did u get my number?
Shivansh:from the academy where we both work.N if u remember we said someone yes to perform in their concert.Do u have any information about it ?
Ragini:(childish tone)No actually I got so excited about the concert that I didn’t ask anything else.
Shivansh smiled at her foolishness.
Shivansh:well I have the details. It’s kolkata’s biggest music concert so we need to do our best. So I called u here for the rehearsal. I think we should practice well
Ragini:ok so I have a idea we’ll do duel.

Shivansh:no ways
Ragini pouted n made a sad face.
Shivansh:coz when he heard us before it was not duel n so he asked us to perform. So again we’ll have to create the magic together.
The duo spent the entire afternoon creating some melodies for the concert. But it was very difficult for them. Since they would never agree on the same tune. Finally they were ready with a tune which was agreed by both. They played it together n shared a small eyelock while playing.
Shivansh:Ragini u go home coz I think in excitement u haven’t informed ur family too. I’ll pick u up for concert be ready on time.
Ragini:ok but what about sanakruti where will she stay you can’t leave her alone at home at night.
Shivansh:wo actually I was wondering if she can stay with ur family if u don’t have any problem coz she has been there n is very comfortable n I trust u.BTW I must say u r vry courageous to hit.
Ragini remembered morning incident n bit her tongue.You get her when u cm

Precap: Ragini plays guitar…..

Credit to: Lily

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