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Here we see kavya n laksh entering the same store as shivansh n ragini. Kavya is walking ahead n laksh behind her like a coolie carrying her shopping bags.
Kavya: u pls be here n take care of my bags I’ll be back in a minute.
Laksh: ok sweetheart

Here ragini changed into the clothes brought by shivansh n stepped out of the trial room. She wore a blue denim n indo-western top in the shades of blue n white. Her attire was simple yet elegant
Shivansh stood like a statue staring at ragini. He came back into his senses by sanskruti’s push.
Laksh was tired of waiting for kavya so he went in search of her. Their he heard ragini’s voice he turned around to see her and was flabbergasted by her look. He stood their in disbelief.
Laksh(in mind): is she my…I mean ragini? He was mesmerised to see her. Never in his life he had realised how beautiful she was or how contagious her smile is. Her look was modern but the traditional values that she possessed were visible. There was a fight between his heart n mind for the sake of ragini.

Ragini:(to shivansh) ty for ur help. u r not as arrogant as I thought.
Shivansh: it’s alright.It is my duty as a friend. So friends?
Ragini: I can’t deny but one condition.
shivansh: what ?
Ragini: so tell me how do I look ?
Shivansh:oh so u were waiting for a compliment. Well u look so beautiful that any boy could fall for u. Ragini blushed.
Sanskruti:yes he’s right n sry angel.She said so innocently.
Ragini: it’s alright. But next time don’t lie to me. Had ur rockstar not been there the situation would have been very embarrassing for me.

Sanskruti: yes I won’t I promise.
They continued their shopping. While laksh was still shocked to see ragini.
Old man: look at them (pointing towards shivrag n sanskruti ) they r such a cute family. N the couple is so adorable.
Old woman: yes u r right dear. God must always keep them full of love n happiness
Laksh heard these since the old couple was behind him. He turned in rage towards them n angrily he said” they r not a couple ”
Woman: oh we r so sry. Do u know her ? I can sense ur jealousy. Is she ur wife ?
Laksh: ye…I mean no. She’s no one to me. And he left the place in rage.
Here our trio continued their shopping n were having a lot of fun. Shivansh dropped ragini home n they reached home. Ragini changed n while keeping the dress the flashes of the mall incident came to her mind n she smiled.

Next morning she got a call from a unknown number saying that he had pics of her about yesterday in her torn dress n if she wouldn’t come he would leak the pics on the Internet. Ragini was shocked n nervous. She immediately left for the address.

Precap: mystery caller revealed. Nok jhok of shivrag

Credit to: Lily

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