A new story Ragini-episode 6


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Thanks for the comments n all ur doubts will be cleared in this episode it self. About our hero I give freedom to u all to imagine ur favourite actor no specific one hope u like it.

Sanskruti n Ragini were giggling.
Ragini: what r u doing here? Do u learn music ?
Sanskruti: 1st ans I am waiting for rockstar. 2nd ans no I am not learning music.
A voice from behind. Ragini found the voice similar but could not see it as the person was behind her.
Voice: how many times should I tell u doll that u should not talk to strangers.
Sanskruti: oh good she’s not a stranger. I know her. She’s the one who gave me pearls.
Voice: oh so she’s the sweet pearl girl.
Sanskruti: oh yes. Angel meet rockstar.
Rockstar: hi
Ragini turned around and
Both if them in unison: you

Actually he is the same guy with whom Ragini had a fight in the morning.
Rockstar: oh so even u r here how can u be sweet n helpful ? U r snob n arrogant. Always need a reason to fight with people.
Ragini: oh when people around me r like u I can’t help but fight first u came n hit me. So u r at fault.
Rockstar: oh miss not at fault. Look I was late n so I was running so I dashed into u.
Raagini: I guess u have eyes and not buttons.
Sanskruti: stop it u two. I am sure it must have been ur fault rockstar. She’s so sweet n innocent angel can never be fault. So rockstar say sry to her.
Ragini made an innocent face whereas rockstar fumed with anger but her doll’s wish was his command.
So unwillingly he said sry to her. Ragini was giggling on her victory.
Sanskruti: so rockstar what r u planning to make for the lunch ?
Rockstar bit his tongue n said: oh sry I forgot to buy groceries. I’ll surely prepare the dinner.
Sanskruti:(angrily) no ways u promised me that u will prepare lunch. Since a week we were having lunch at that stupid restro.
Ragini interrupted: u can have lunch at my home. My mom is a fabulous cook.
Rockstar: we cannot have lunch at strangers place.
Ragini: u aren’t even invited it’s only for Sanskruti. She makes yummy yummy rasgulla.
Sanskruti smiled and said yes so unwillingly rockstar agreed to accompany her.
The trio left for her home.
Rockstar: u can also come on bike with us. Even we r going at ur home.
Ragini: u have a bike so y were u in rick in the morning
Rockstar: actually it was in garage due to some problem but now it’s perfect.
Ragini agreed. So there sitting arrangement was like Sanskruti then rockstar and Ragini. They had lot of arguments as Ragini showed him the way n he would unnecessarily apply brakes to irritate her.

They reached home.
The two of them sat in the hall while Ragini went inside and told sumi about the guest.
Sumi: it’s ok I’ll prepare more food.
Meanwhile dadi n dadaji entered the hall was surprised to see them.
Dadi: who r u both ?
Sanskruti: We r angel’s I mean Ragini’s friend.
Dadi: Laado come here and who are these people she said looking at rockstar.
Ragini: he’s my friend.
Dadi: does ur friend have a name ?
Ragini realised that she didn’t knew his name if dadi gets to know this then she will create a scene.
Rockstar: hello dadi I am Shivansh Roy.
Dadi: namaste sumi Ragini’s dadaji n me are leaving for his friend’s grandson’s naming ceremony we will have lunch there.
Sumi: ok maa even shekhar has some work so he’ll come by evening.
Ragini: problem solved maa sumi agreed.
Now the four of them sat for lunch. But our doll is a fussy eater so it took one hour to feed her by the joint efforts of shiv n Ragini. Then Ragini n Shivansh had lunch. While they were having lunch Sanskruti went to Ragini’s room n slept peacefully. So Ragini insisted them to wait till she woke up. Having nothing to do she went in the courtyard n started playing sitar. Shivansh joined him with his guitar. Both were playing their instruments but it so not a duel(judalbandi) it was in perfect synchronisation. As if they knew each other very well. All the people in the baadi gathered to saw them and enjoyed their performance. They stopped after a while n smiled looking at each other they shared a small eye lock. A man: u both r awesome together. Can u perform at the musical concert which I am organising? U will be paid n the concert is tomorrow.
Both of them said yes happily.

Precap: shopping with Ragini Shivansh n Sanskruti.

Sry for same Precap.

Hey CK1234 I just realised it yesterday that the title of our ff is very similar. Sry for that.It wasn’t intentional. Hope u understand.

Credit to: Lily

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