A new story Ragini-episode 5


Hey friends!!
It’s morning and Ragini is getting ready to leave for her job. She’s very excited as it’s her first day.
Ragini: maa pls get my breakfast quickly. I’m getting late.
Sumi: of course! otherwise how will u be 3 hrs early.
Ragini: maaa n she made a innocent face. Actually in order to be on time our Ragini had taken entire house on head. She was dancing on sumi’s head so that she can be quick. Now sumi was really irritated.
Sumi: Ragini calm down or I’ll tie ur mouth.
Ragini made a cute innocent face which made sumi smile.
Shekhar sumi dadi dadaji dida wished her luck n she left for academy. Still she was 1 hr early.
She was standing at the road for a rickshaw but couldn’t find it. She waited for 15 mins.
Ragini: thank god I left early or I would have been late. She felt vindicated. So she started walking some distance. And she found a parked rickshaw. She looked for the driver but he seemed to be Mr India. A wait of 10 mins again. By now she had come a bit far from the parked rickshaw when she saw the driver coming. She rushed there. She was about to get in when she collided with someone. Rubbing her head she said”who r u ? N y r u getting in my rickshaw ?
Man:(wittily)so u r the owner of these great rickshaw but u don’t seem like one.
Ragini: (surprised tone)what !!! I meant that I saw the rickshaw first so I’ll take it.
Man:u know yesterday I saw taj mahal n now it’s mine and gave a fake smile.
Ragini:oh hello Mr owner I’m getting late n so I am taking the rickshaw.
Man: no ways u r getting late but am already late. So I need it the most I’ll take it. He said victoriously.
Old Ragini would have given in easily but new Ragini was stubborn n determined to see her job done at any cost.
Ragini: have u ever heard ladies first ? So I’ll go first
But before he could answer he saw the rickshaw was take by someone else.
Man: it’s all ur fault. U r so arrogant!ms fighter cock (after a long pause) nai ms fighter hen. After all She’s a female.
He looked for Ragini but saw her leaving in other rickshaw. He stood like a fool now all alone.
Ragini reached academy n conducted her first class. It went quite good since. it was first class so she only taught some basics ( how to hold it, sitar’s history etc etc )
She was ready to call it a day when she heard a familiar voice in the academy. She turned around and was delighted to see sanskruti. She went to her.
Ragini: hi sanskruti
Sanskruti: hi angel!! r u following me ?
Ragini: (seriously) no never it’s just that I teach here n
Sanskruti burst into laughter I was just joking n look at ur face. Now ragini was angry (fake) sanskruti made a innocent cute face and now ragini burst into laughter.

Precap: shopping along with ragini sanskruti n the rickshaw guy.

I hope u liked today’s episode.
The role of sanskruti will be ruhika dhawan or harshaali malohtra ( u can select whoever u want. Both r so adorable n cute that I couldn’t select one)
Now the character sketch of our hero. He is a fun loving easy going n a care free guy who doesn’t believe in love but his life resides in his doll. I have chosen Mishkat Verma for this but even u can suggest someone. Suggestions are always welcome.
Thanks to all my readers n special supporters who support me by their comments. I hope that I entertain u. If u find the plot boring then pls let me know via comment.

Credit to: Lily

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