A new story Ragini- episode 4


Hey friends!!!
Now our ragini is a again busy with her noodles and had earphones in her ear. Dadi yelled
Dadi: don’t u have any shame. It hasn’t been a week of ur divorce n u r behaving as if nothing happened. U were behaving with maheswaris so well.
Ragini: so u won’t me to keep crying again n again for laksh’s betrayal.
Ragini’s eyes were teary.
Dadi: I didn’t mean that.
Ragini: maa come na I’ll tell u a joke
All were amused to see her state. Dadi thought that she had gone insane.
Ragini: A wife called up her husband n said I have a good news n a bad news which u would like to hear first . Husband says I don’t have much time I want to leave for meeting so tell me good news. Wife said you know what dear the air bags of our new car work really well.
All busted into laughter.

One more joke saying this she repeated the same joke 5 times. All were confused as how they could laugh on the same joke 5 times.
Ragini: what u can’t even laugh on the same joke more than 3 times. But u all want me to keep crying on the same problem again n again y so ? If u can’t laugh on the same joke twice then u shouldn’t even cry on the same problem twice.
Saying this she left for her room. All were standing there still like a statue it took some time to realise as to what had happened.
Later at lunch ragini told them about her job.
Dadi: what!! no need to do the job.
But I want to do ragini protested

Dadi: no I said na no already enough has happened I don’t want any more drama. My decision is final. No more arguments.
Ragini: my decision is final. And I am doing the job. No more discussion on the matter. My decision is final. Maa will u accompany me for shopping for my new job.
As tomorrow’s my first day.
Sumi: (gladly) yes sure beta I’ll.
Shekhar was the happiest of all but didn’t show it to Ragini.
Ragini: I know u r very happy. There’s no harm in showing ur happiness.
Shekhar gave a smile.
Later in the evening our ladies went for shopping even swara accompanied them. After shopping they were coming back when they saw a chaat stall n Ragini dragged the two of them there.
Ragini: bhaiya give three plate pani puri.
No Ragini am not hungry said swara.
Ragini: oh so u fear that u will be defeated by me.
Swara: defeat that to from u.no ways let’s have a competition.
The girls had their competition which obviously our Ragini won.
Later Ragini n Sumi reached home. Sumi prepared dinner. Ragini was preparing for tomorrow as it will be a big day for her.
Ragini had light dinner n went to sleep. She was very excited n couldn’t sleep. It was late when she help asleep.

Precap: Ragini’s first day at academy n a collision with some one.

I hope u like it. I know it was bit philosophical. But next episode will be humorous I promise.

Credit to: Lily

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