A new story Ragini- episode 3


I’m really sorry for the late update. I had my last paper today and now I’ll update regularly.
Thanks to all the people who have read my ff n supported me.
Many are confused whether I would bring laksh back…..No I won’t bring him back.
Guys my plan initially was that first ragini should establish her own identity n then start the love story in her life but if u all want a love story along with it then pls let me know through ur comments I’ll do as u say
I can’t reply to each comment but have read them n really happy about it.
Ap: when did u come ?

Swara: yesterday night
Ap: I want to meet n thank shekharji to send u here even after what laksh did with ragini. I will go n meet him now. I’ll come soon
Sujata: wait jiji even I’ll come swara’s my dil too.
Ap: ok come we’ll leave soon
Sanskaar:she’s my wife so even I can come na?
Dp: let us all go n meet ragini I know u r making excuses to meet her
Rp: ji bhaisa.

All left for baadi.
At baadi
Ragini returned home n she looked happy from her face.
Woman1: does she have any shame yesterday was her marriage which didn’t happen n now she looks happy. God knows from where has she come early this morning.
Woman2: who knows morning may be even whole night .
Now ragini turned towards them with a stern face

Ragini: were u saying something about me. Well I didn’t hear it. Saying this she removed her earphones. Pls say again na u have some much time n energy even my mother doesn’t have any of it that much.
Now the ladies left for their homes in a tiff. Ragini was giggling at their reaction. Sumi who had been watching all these from the door was happy to see her daughter smiling.
Ragini came inside n was about to leave for her room when
Dadi: where were you laado? Do u realise how much worried we had been ? All wrong thoughts came to our mind for once we thought that you left……

Ragini interrupted “You thought that I ran away. Don’t worry I won’t run away. If u had so worried than u could have called on my cell n I would have told u about my whereabouts. Saying this she left towards kitchen ” Maa breakfast isn’t ready yet I’m very hungry ”
Sumi: just 5 mins n I’ll prepare. Sumi called shekhar n told that ragini was safe n back home. She was about to leave for kitchen when she saw ragini coming out with a plate of noodles.
Dadi: what is this ?
Ragini: instant noodles
Dadi: what !!! Poodles

No dadi it’s noodles swaragini said in unison.
All the maheshwaris were standing at the door. Even shekhar had come by now.
Dadi n shekhar were not happy with their presence but ragini n sumi were delighted.
Ragini: pls come in I didn’t know that even u r coming otherwise u would have prepared more noodles as I know you didn’t have breakfast.
All were teary eyed with her concern but didn’t show it to her.
Just then all were settled n even two more people r at the door. They r none other than kavya n laksh
Kavya: u can prepare even now. I’m sure here no one would deny ur sincere requestSaying this she smirked.
Ragini: oh really is it ? Then I would love to do it.
Saying ragini started leaving for kitchen.
Ap: allow me also even I’ll help.
Sujata too nodded in agreement.

Ragini: y do u take trouble when u have 2 smart n efficient dil. I’m sure they’ll help me. Wouldn’t u kavya ?

Kavya hesitantly agreed. So swaragini n kavya lest for kitchen but before swara could enter ragini dragged her to her room saying she wanted to talk to her n would come soon.
Now our dear kavya was alone in the kitchen no not kitchen but war zone. So just to show that even she could work she started getting out a jar from the upper shelf to start cooking.
But thammmmmmm was the noise in kitchen n our poor kavya was all covered in flour. All rushed there n were trying to control their laughter. Kavya fumed with anger and left baadi so did her laksh behind her.
Ap: even we will leave we just came here to say thanks to u all for sending swara.
Maheshwaris left.

Precap: Ragini’s new philosophy for her life.

I know today I concentrated more on maheshwaris but next episode is full on ragini.
If u r bored let me know . I will definitely try my best to make it more interesting.

Credit to: Lily

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