A new story Ragini-episode 24


Hello friends!!! I hope u r enjoying my ff. Any suggestions or criticism is always welcome. So let’s start. Here’s the 2nd last episode.
Host:so guys are u excited for the party.So let’s start with awesome romantic dance with the couples.
Shivansh:can I have a dance with u miss gagodia?
Ragini:yes sure it will be my pleasure.
The song playing is jeena jeena of badlapur.
While dancing the partners were changed n Shivansh Ragini got separated.
Ragini was dancing with someone else but her eyes were searching for Shivansh.
Shivansh was dancing with a girl.
Girl:hey handsome it’s my pleasure to dance with u.
Shivansh:compliment accepted.
Girl:well may I know the name of the person who accepted the compliment.
Shivansh:will my name change the compliment.

Girl:ok so u want to know my name first I don’t mind…..She came close to Shivansh and whispered in his ears…..Shivani
Shivansh:nice name.
Ragini who saw them close from far got teary eyed. She felt her love was snatched. She felt to run away from everyone to such a place where she can be alone n no one to fall on love with or any heart breaks.She wanted to go in the world’s loneliest corner.
Shivani:u know I’m single n even ready to mingle.
Shivansh:so what should I do in that case ?
Shivani:u can do hmmm… propose me.
Shivansh:ok done sweetheart.
Saying this Shivansh goes in the centre n starts speaking.

Shivansh:attention please. I want to confess my feelings today. I always feared falling in love again.I believed it would lead to loneliness n darkness again which I wouldn’t be able to handle a again.But she came as a ray of light in my life. She made me realise that we need someone to share our pain to whom we can say as mine.Coz to share happiness whole world will be present. But my pain I know only she’ll be there to share it. Her smile makes my day n her presence makes me complete. So I would like to ask her in front of everyone present here that do you accept to be Shivani n promise me to be together till infinity.
He started moving towards Shivani. He stopped in front her.

Shivani:oh god I’ll die. I can’t handle this much love.i just wanted him to ask for a casual date but he wants a life time commitment.It’s my dream come true.
She was about to hug him when he stepped one more step forward came in front of Ragini n went on his knees
Shivansh:do u accept to be one as Shivani.
Ragini(with tears):I think u forgot my name as well I’m Ragini n not Shivani. So don’t ask me this question. She was about to go when Shivansh held her hand.
Shivansh:so is Rashi fine ?
Ragini:who am I to say who is fine for u ?
Shivansh:are u will only have to say na….
Ragini:leave my hand….
Shivansh:can’t. Until u don’t ans my question.
Ragini:if that is the case then u r asking a wrong person since I’m neither Shivani nor rashi
Shivansh:I know but together we r I mean
SHIVANSH+RAGINI can be Shiva from Shivansh n Ni from Ragini so Shivani or Ra from Ragini n Shi from Shivansh so rashi. Select which u like. He starts smiling.

Ragini:so u always need reason to trouble me u can’t say anything straight always need to go on a spiral route to trouble me. How much difficult it was for me to stand here n see u…..I can’t even imagine u with someone else.
Shivansh:so should I consider my ans as yes.
Ragini:no never
Shivansh (stood up):y what happen if u r thinking about ur family then don’t worry I’ll convince them.
Ragini: the reason is not that
Shivansh:then……..speak Ragini ur silence is killing me.
Ragini:ok so first apologise me for making me cry n spoiling my makeup. It happened coz u did that stupid joke of Shivani n rashi. I can’t be with someone who makes me cry.
Shivansh:what I can’t even think of making u cry I before it happens I’ll die
Ragini kept her hand on his mouth to stop him from saying such inauspicious things.
Shivansh:(taking her hand)so u love me
Ragini:yes I do
Shivansh: so y did u not accept it first n said that I make u cry ?
Ragini:if u can do mischief with me then can’t even I reply.
Shivansh: I love u.

Shivansh hugged her n she hugged him back saying I love u too.
In the room where dadi n sanskruti were watching the film. Shekhar came.
Dadi threw her popcorn bowl in the air n started chanting hanuman chalisa. Shekhar switched on the light.
Shekhar:maa it’s me don’t get scared.
Dadi: oh u say what happened
Shekhar:actually I wanted to know what’s the next step to bring shivrag close.
Dadi: u dint worry its already done.
Shekhar:how ?
Dadi: the party

Shekhar:but u didn’t know that a party will be organised in this hotel so ?
Dadi:of course I knew that’s the reason I booked this hotel. Now don’t use ur brains n let us enjoy. U go n sleep.
Shekhar:ok maa if u need my help then let me know.
In the lawn Shivansh is coming running catching Ragini’s hand.
Ragini: y did u bring me here? The party was so good.
Shivansh: so u want to spend time in the party n not with me then ok we’ll go back.
Ragini: no we’ll be here.
Shivansh: oh so even u want to be alone with me ha ?
Ragini blushes.
Shivansh:what u thought that I’ll really propose someone else
Ragini:no but it was….
Shivansh (coming closer):it was say na I am listening…coming more close to her to kiss her.
Ragini:Shiv….Shivansh wo…wo
Shivansh was about to kiss her.

Shivansh:uncle see u don’t get us wrong……where’s uncle Ragini.
Ragini was about to run when Shivansh held her hand and brought her close.
Shivansh: good try but failed now let’s continue what we were doing.
Ragini:ok but first close ur eyes.
Shivansh:but y ?
Ragini: I’m feeling shy. Pls
Shivansh: feeling shy from me……..ok
Shivansh felt a soft touch on his cheeks which made him leave Ragini’s hand.
Shivansh opened his eyes and kept a hand on his cheek.
Ragini:today only this not anything more. She started running.
Shivansh: don’t worry I’ll get that soon from u.
Ragini:try it if u can.

Precap:shivrag marriage n epilogue.

Credit to: Lily

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