A new story Ragini-episode 23


Hello friends!!! I hope u r enjoying my ff. Any suggestions or criticism is always welcome. So let’s start
About Shivani I’ll reveal in the next episode. So pls bear with me for today.
Shivansh n Sanskruti went to their room.While Shivansh was getting ready for the party.Sanskruti was telling him how she will enjoy with dadi n what all plans they have made to spend the night together.

While Ragini was wondering what would be appropriate to wear in the party. She was carrying her casuals as she hadn’t expected this surprise party.
Ragini:I’ll wear a saree. I’ll get it from maa.
She went to their room.
Ragini:maa I need ur saree for the party
Sumi:sure beta take whichever u want.
Ragini was busy selecting saree.Dadi n Sanskruti came together giggling announcing their night out plan.
Dadi:(bit scared)we r going to watch horror movies. We will both stay in Shivansh’s room so Ragini tell Shivansh to go n sleep with dadaji.
Ragini:r u alright?U n night out.it’s strange.Anyways maa I’ll take this green n blue saree.
Sumi:y green u don’t like that colour na?Take this lavender saree u always wanted to wear it na ?
Ragini:no maa I like this saree I’ll take this n leave I have to get ready.
Sumi:ok (after Ragini left) what happen to her she never likes anything in green n today she’s wearing a green saree.
Sanskruti:ohhho buddhu aunty green is Shivansh’s favourite colour.
Sumi:ok.Maa u r the best. U have selected the best guy for her.
Sanskruti:I know my rockstar is the best.I’ll go n keep a check if he’s ready or not.

In Shivansh room.
Shivansh:doll I want to talk something serious with u.
Sanskruti:really u n serious ?It’s impossible!!!
Shivansh: doll u always told me to move on in life but I always gave excuses for it.
Sanskruti: oh so u r seriously serious.(chuckling)sry jokes apart. Yes that was maasi’s last wish even u know that.
Shivansh:yes but it wasn’t easy for me but I think I can move on now.And I think she will give u the same importance n love which I have given u maybe even more.
Sanskruti:I know u r talking about her. Well I give u the nod to go n propose her.
Shivansh: ok maate ur wish is my command.
Sanskruti:ur love too n she chuckled.
Shivansh was ready in black tuxedo looking dashing n handsome n Ragini was ready in silk green n blue saree with matching earrings with open hairs looking hot n gorgeous.
Shivansh reached the venue first as we all know girls r always late for such parties. While he was standing at the door when the door keeper told him to enter the party as waiting for her was of no use since girls n boys will have separate entry to the party.
Doorkeeper:sir here’s ur welcome card pls keep it with u.
Shivansh unwillingly entered at the same time Ragini came there he felt her presence but ignored the feeing n went in.The door keeper told her the same thing n gave her the welcome card n she entered the venue.

The venue was divided into two by a red curtain in between. One side was boys n other side was girls.
Host:surprised!!! Isn’t it ? About the curtain in between.Well it’s just an attempt to separate the couples.Oooh no daggers n swords pls.Just joking well it’s attempt to give a blind date to u all that’s it. So friends cards given to u have a heart with a number so find ur partner is the person with same number card.
Ragini:(in mind)what blind date I can’t do this.Date with any random boy. No that’s not possible it’s better I’ll leave the party.
Shivansh:if my feelings r genuine n true then she’ll be my date today.The curtains are up n people start to find their partners. Ragini was about to leave when a someone holds her hand.
Shivansh(in changed voice):hey beautiful!! U wouldn’t wanna miss a date with such a handsome guy.
Ragini:(turning around)listen u mister…..Shivansh thank god its u. I was so scared.
Shivansh:even god knows no one else can handle u except me.
Ragini:really is it so ? So r u the one made for me ?
Shivansh:yes I suppose.
A smile crept on her face by his answer. They were lost in each others eyes.

Precap: same as yesterday.

Sry for the same Precap but just two more episodes after this.

Credit to: Lily

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