A new story Ragini-episode 22


Hello friends!!! I hope u r enjoying my ff. Any suggestions or criticism is always welcome. So let’s start
After few hours.
Ragini wakes up n realises that she had been sleeping on Shivansh’s shoulder.
Shivansh:oh god ur head is so heavy my shoulder is paining ahh…..ahhh
Ragini:so who told u to let me my keep my head u could have pushed it other side.
Uday:guys is it ur hobby to fight. I mean can’t u be together without fighting.
Ragini:what’s ur problem if I fight with him.
Uday:no nothing.
Shivansh:good u got up let’s go I’m very hungry we r going to have lunch n then nonstop to darjeeling finally I’ll get rid of u.
Ragini:same here (but y do I wish to be with u forever)
The place where they r suppose to have lunch is not good. It’s very shabby place n not at all neat n clean. So Ragini decides no to eat anything. The three go a table.
Uday:u know mouses have organised a karate tournament in my stomach. I’m very hungry. I’ll order first.
Shivansh:yes pls after a rice plate in morning u will be so hungry na ?
Uday:hehehe nice joke.
Shivansh: what will u eat Ragini I’ll order for us both. Ragini:I’m full you both eat.
Shivansh: r u ok? Not feeling well ?
Ragini: breakfast was heavy so don’t want to eat anything.
A boy comes to take their order.

Uday:one cholle bhature, one daal rice, one biryani, pav bhaji, gulab jamun, rasgulla n pista ice cream. Only this much.
Boy:ice cream not available rest I’ll get anything for u sir
Shivansh:no nothing.
Ragini:what no?In the bus u were so hungry n now u don’t want to eat y ?
Shivansh:u know after fighting with u my stomach is full now don’t empty my brain. I don’t want to eat anything.
Ragini:(in mind)I know u r not eating coz of me. Wait get two pav bhaji.
Shivansh:moments ago u didn’t want to eat now what happened ?
Ragini:I realised that I need energy to fight u.
Shivansh:(in mind)I know u r eating for me in spite of not liking the place.So is it that we share same feelings for each other?
Ragini:yes we do.
Shivansh:what ?
Ragini:Uday was asking that do we both play music so I said yes we do. What were u thinking?
Shivansh:nothing let’s eat.
After lunch back in the bus.
Ragini is fresh whereas Shivansh is tired he wants to sleep.But Ragini doesn’t let him sleep.
Shivansh:who’s that ?
Shivansh:what!!I don’t like anyone changing my name so call me Shivansh.
Ragini:ok anshu
Shivansh:stop it.
Ragini:ok shivu n continues to irritate him.

Few hours later.It’s all dark n the conductor tells them that in half hour they will reach hotel.
Ragini:hotel ?
Shivansh:is our family also in the same hotel?
Ragini:(in mind)so my family became our.good.so u r going step by step
Shivansh:what r u thinking ?
Ragini:nothing…I mean I don’t know.
Shivansh:I’ll call them n ask. After the call.
Shivansh:yes in the same hotel n that have already reached n r waiting for us for the dinner.

They reach the hotel n have dinner.After dinner manger comes to them.
Manager:sir there’s a party in our hotel tonight. U r invited.If u would attend then we would be delighted to have our hotel guests as well. Pls do come.
Shivansh:thanks but we can’t. We had a tiring journey.
Dadi:what to tiring journey!! Don’t worry mangersaaab. we will come.
Shivansh:oh Dadi so u want to go to the part haa ?
Dadi:who told that ?
Shivansh:just now u said.
Dadi: no dear it’s only that u two r going.Shivansh n Ragini.
Ragini:no dadima
Dadi:(dramatically)ok don’t go. don’t keep my word y will u go.u want me to get insulted for not keeping my word go ahead do whst u want who am I to u.
Shivrag:ok fine we r going stop acting.
Dadi chuckled.

Precap:In the party Shivansh proposes Shivani……

Credit to: Lily

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  7. Guys it’s not a typo error it’s shivani only u will understand in the episode

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