A new story Ragini-episode 21


Hello friends!!! I hope u r enjoying my ff. So here’s another dose of entertainment. Let’s start
They had their breakfast n came back to their bus along with uday. Ragini set at her place and uday was about to sit beside Ragini when Shivansh came n sat the place.
Uday:excuse me Bro it’s my place n u r suppose to sit behind.
Shivansh:see I’m giving u my window seat go n sit there u can enjoy the view.
Uday:wow dude u r so caring Ragini u also come n sit with me.
Ragini: yes coming Shivansh get up I want to go behind.
Shivansh:no u can’t sit there.
Uday:dude take back ur seat I don’t need.
Shivansh:(fake anger)no just go n sit there don’t eat my head.
Uday:(in funny way)chill dudes I’ll go control ur anger.

Ragini:(in mind)what happened to me why can’t I see him restless.Y does his attention towards sanskruti makes me feel more special about him. Y do I feel good in his presence. Y do I feel safe in his embrace n his absence makes me worried what is he for me ?
Shivansh: y do I feel happy when she gives importance to things which r important for me. All my friends earlier would tease me for my attachment towards my doll. But not only she understands me but also supports me.I always believed when someone equally cares n loves for the person u love understand that person loves u like it happened with me when I fell in love with her(here he refers to his late wife).Am falling in love again with Ragini ? Is she my soul mate ?
Uday sat behind but still continued to irritate Ragini.
Ragini fed up of him took her earphones n started listening music.

After a while Ragini’s head fell on Shivansh’s shoulder.
Shivansh:what happened to her? Did she sleep that too with earphones in her ears?
He takes one earphones to hear what music she’s listening. It’s old melody kahi dur jab din dhal jaye….
Shivansh smiled:any one will sleep listening this slow music. He took her earphones kept them safely. He caressed her face n kissed her forehead.
Shivansh:(in mind)u r special for me Ragini. Ur tears give pain to my heart n ur smile gives me a reason for happiness. But I need some time to realise n be sure about those feelings. But what do u feel for me I know ur past so I know that u can’t fall for me Ragini.

Precap:Shivansh n Ragini realise each other’s feeling.

Sry guys for such a short update as I’m lacking ideas. pls give me some ideas as how to make them confess their love.

Credit to: Lily

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  1. nice episode……
    waiting for next update…….
    yeah now Rashi will be together

  2. nice but too short episode

  3. Confessions should happen in a funny way because it looks little different

  4. Wow Lily nice..if I get any idea I ll surely let u know….well u can take Sanskruti’s help….

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