A new story Ragini-episode 20

Yippeee!!! guys my 20th episode I just can’t describe my happiness. It’s all coz of ur patience n support. Thank you for supporting. I know there r many better ff than mine but still u support me. Thanks a lot.
I hope u r enjoying my ff. So here’s another dose of entertainment. Let’s start

In a bus.
Shekhar:what are u doing maa ?
Dadi:can’t u see we r taking seliefs.
Sanskruti:oh Dadi it’s selfie n not what u said.
Dadi:haa ok let’s click what u showing me like (trying to pout)
Sanskruti:haa Dadi correct it’s pout let’s click a pout selfie.
Shekhar:maa what’s wrong stop this selfie n tell me y did u send Ragini with Shivansh when u don’t even allow her to go to concert with him n now suddenly darjeeling what’s cooking in ur mind ?
Dadi:see u people tell me old but it looks as if ur brains have rusted.
Sanskruti:they all r blind even I can understand but they can’t.
Sumi:what is it that we can’t understand ?
Dadi:that Shivansh n Ragini like each other.
Sumi:really but then y Ragini didn’t come n tell me anything.
Dadi:oh god in what kind of stupid people I’m stuck. Coz even they don’t know about their feelings n so we planned this trip.
Shekhar:we as in who’s with u ?
Sanskruti:obviously it’s me.Rockstar day dreams a lot about her.
Dadaji:R u mad?Don’t u realise that he’s bengali n we r marwari
Dadi:my laado has suffered enough coz of our decisions in past but now I won’t let that happen.If she likes someone then I’ll support her.Shekhar do u have any problem ?
Shekhar:No but when did u understand this ?
Dadi:when Ragini came back home safely from laksh. Did u realise that when I had asked whether she would like to go back to laksh that time Shivansh was almost broken n even when Ragini replied she was looking at Shivansh only.
Sumi:ok so what’s the next step of the plan?
Dadi: it’s our plan n we don’t share our plans with anyone. right doll
They giggled n continued with their selfies.

Here at the dhaba.
Uday: guys I’ll go n wash my hands u know it’s a good habit n I’m a good boy.
Ragini:ok come soon
Uday:if u wish that I should not go then I won’t go.
Shivansh: she didn’t mean that u can go.
Uday left.
Shivansh:so u r enjoying his company
Ragini:y will I enjoy his company I did it to get attention from u but u r least bothered.
Shivansh:u want attention from me ?
Ragini:biting her tongue. I’m mean am ur friend but u still didn’t help me with my that big suitcase so I decided to avoid u.
Shivansh:so someone’s angry on me then I think I should not give this chocolate. Taking a out a chocolate from his pocket.
Ragini immediately grabbed the chocolate.
Ragini:y didn’t u give it first ?
Shivansh:y should I ur new helpful friend was there na
Ragini:someone’s jealous
Shivansh:someone’s possessive.
They laughed as to how they tried tricks to get each others attention.
Uday came back with two rice plates. Giving one plate to Ragini.
Uday:have it I just asked conductor stop for lunch will be after 4 hours.
Ragini:yes only after 4 hours n u bright rice plates for breakfast. R u planning to have lunch now itself ?
Uday: but I thought u will be hungry. Now what to do?
Shivansh: it’s alright we’ll share it as u forgot that even I would like to eat.
Shivansh was looking here n there as if in some doubt. Ragini understood this n immediately dialled a number n put the phone on speaker.
Ragini: hello Sanskruti how r u? r u ok with my family ? Did u have breakfast ?
Sanskruti:oh god how many questions at a time how this bechari little girl will ans
Ragini:stop ur drama n ans properly.
Sanskruti:ok so I’m fine .I’m n enjoying a lot with ur family n Dadi is very cool n I had breakfast so tell rockstar to have his breakfast I know u called for this only.
Ragini:yes I will n see u soon.
Shivansh:how did u know that
Ragini:that u don’t eat anything before Sanskruti does. It’s just simple that I understand u.
They just simply stared at each other.
Uday:guys i finished my food n still u haven’t started. They came back from their dreamland n started eating.

Precap:Ragini’s POV n Shivansh’s POV

Credit to: Lily


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