A new story Ragini- episode 2


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The day had begun in a usual way but not for our ragini. For her the sun was brighter than ever and the day was more cheerful than usual. The clock showed the time 6:00 am.
Ragini : (in mind) I will give a new start to my life but how? Should I take up a job? No….nono…Her eyes fell on sitar and she got the direction. I will pursue my passion of music. I will again start playing sitar. I will teach the students in baadi. Teaching and it clicked something. She thought ” was that offer still available”
Fb ” a week ago she got a call from a music academy enquiring whether she would be interested in teaching sitar. At that point she declined the offer as she was very happy in her family life”
But now she needed the job. So she hurried up was ready by 6:30 but it was till late for her as she wanted to reach the academy by 7.
She knew that the academy would be open this early since the the head of the academy believed in early morning riyaaz. She knew this since she herself was a student in the academy. It was the place where she had learnt to play sitar. She left for academy.
Here in mm all were worried as to what new drama kavya would start. All were missing swara. Just then they heard a voice ” what should I prepare for breakfast? ” all turned around and were shocked to see swara. All were happy to see her back.
Ap: how are u beta? How come u r here ?Is everything ok in baadi ?Swara says yes fb- baba ask Swara to promise her that she wouldn’t tell about ragini’s suicide attempt to anyone. Fb ends
Here ragini reaches the academy and enquiries whether the job offer is still open. To her relief their was still a vacancy since finding a guitarist was easy these days but not a sitarist. She was asked to play a soft tune which she easily played and then a fast tune. The interviewers were impressed. And she got the job !!! Yippee!!hurrah!!
She will teach twice a week- Tuesday n Thursday.
On returning she went to temple to pray.
In the temple” kanhaji I came here to say thanks for my new life. I didn’t come before the interview to take ur blessings bcoz now I will only ask for the courage to face the life and no solutions to the problems of my life. Had I come earlier I would have asked for the job which I didn’t want to. Hope u understand. Tysm. Taking prasaad from panditji she left the temple. On the way she saw a girl crying she went to her n asks “why are u crying ? Tell me I may help u ”
Girl: I lost my pearls on the way. Now what will I do in my art period.
She started weeping.
Ragini: oh that’s a small problem I’ll help u. Saying this she took her pearl necklace n broke it. She gave her some pearls. The girl was really happy now.
Girl: ty angel
Ragini: my name is not angel. I am ragini
Girl: oh no! U helped me so now u r my angel n am sanskruti.
The name sanskruti reminded her of her friendship with sanskaar. No not friendship. friendship Enriches us but it destroyed her life. Although sanskaar had shown her the way she had followed so she could not blame him n promptly forgot about it .
Ragini: nice name dear!!
Saying this they parted away. She started walking towards her home.

Precap: maheshwaris in baadi……

Credit to: Lily

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