A new story Ragini-episode 19


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Shivansh:(in mind)She’s trying to ignore u so u do the same.Control Shivansh control.Don’t give her attention n she’ll be alright.
He went n sat on the seat behind Ragini.
Man:hi I’m am uday as U D A (after a long pause) Y yaa uday UDAY see I know.
(Guys he’s uday from miley jab hum tum.)
Ragini:I’m Ragini(oh god what did I do I just wanted to tease Shivansh but he is least bothered n this UDAY is a big joker.My plan backfired on me only what to do)
Uday:u know it’s first time a girl allowed me to sit with her.
Ragini:I can understand.

Uday:thanks for understanding u r so sweet.
Ragini:I mean I can understand the girls.
Uday was now scratching his head to understand what she told but failed so finally he said”never mind many times I don’t understand things I’m used to it.”
Ragini gave a fake smile.
Shivansh:(in mind)oh so she’s sweet n all such a cheap.what does Ragini know about that idiot that she’s sitting with him. He does not have a personality,talks stupid n still Ragini gives him a smile.

Uday:see I am going to eat poha usually I don’t share my food but since u allowed me to sit here would u like to taste it ?
Ragini:no thanks
Uday: pls have it I myself made it.He takes a spoon a forcefully feeds her.
Ragini:aaahhh it’s so spicy
Uday:no it cannot be I just put 7 chillies. U know sevens mu lucky number
Ragini:stop blabbering n give me water.
Uday: Actually my hand bag became very heavy due to big water bottle so I kept in my luggage
Ragini:Basically u don’t have water now what I’ll do I don’t for what crime this stupid is punishing me.She turned towards Shivansh to get some water but he acted as if he didn’t knew anything. He was about to drink water when she snatched his bottle and started drinking water. People were amused to see her behaviour as how she could snatch a bottle from a stranger.
Shivansh:how dare u!! With whose permission did u take my bottle.
Ragini:with ur permission. Don’t u realise how badly my mouth was burning so I took
Shivansh:it’s not my problem

Ragini:so I solved my problem the way I could.
Uday:it’s alright y r u fighting like kids just over a bottle of water.
Shivrag:shut up n stay out of this. It’s all ur fault.
Uday:ok chill guys I was just trying to calm u down.
Bus conductor:People there’s a halt of half hour for breakfast so those who want to have breakfast can have it.
Uday:come let’s go eat.I’m hungry.
Shivrag stared at him.
Uday:it’s alright if u r not hungry.Even I’m not hungry.The bus was now almost empty.
Uday:I’ll go n get a water bottle will u come along Ragini.
Ragini:yes even I need some sweets to ease my burning mouth.
Uday started walking and Ragini was about to follow him when Shivansh held his attend.
Uday:are u coming rr…rukhmini?
Ragini:you go I’m coming.
Shivansh:are u ok?Was food so spicy?
Ragini:yes but still u scolded me for drinking water from ur bottle
Shivansh:y did u allow him to take my seat ?
Ragini:to make you jeal…..
Uday:come fast na ruk

Shivansh:we r coming btw it’s Ragini.
Uday:oh sry Ragini.

While Shivansh was still holding Ragini’s hand even Ragini allowed him.They went to the dhaba hand in hand.
They sat at a table n even Uday joined them.
Uday: y r u holding her hand I mean she knows how to walk.
Ragini tried to take her hand back but Shivansh tightened the grip.
Shivansh:hahaha nice sense of humour.But what’s ur problem if I hold her hand or kiss her hand who r u to speak?
Uday:(proudly)I’m her friend
Shivansh:really Ragini?
Ragini:no I don’t know him.
Uday: what ?
Ragini:I was just joking. Well let me introduce u to my very good friend Shivansh Roy.
Uday:oh so u r not single…I mean alone….u fought with him so u were sitting alone.
Shivansh:control ur horses man. She’s with me.

Precap:Shivrag nok jhok

Credit to: Lily

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