A new story Ragini-episode 18


Shivansh is pearl v puri

Hello friends !! Hope u r enjoying my ff. Any suggestion or criticism is always welcome. Thanks to all who have commented n silent readers.
Sorry for not updating yesterday pls forgive me.
At baadi
Dadi:it’s time to celebrate. Let’s go on a trip.
Sumi:yes maa how about darjeeling?
Dadi:yes nice idea start packing n she leaves.
Shekhar:what happen to maa?Instead of pooja n such stuff she’s planning a trip.Is she the same?
Sumi:may be she thinking this so ragini gets a change.
Shekhar:may be u r right.Let’s start the preparations or maa will be angry.
Dadi came back to the room.
Dadi:I have booked the tickets.We have to leave early in the morning tomorrow.
Shekhar:maa u booked the tickets?

Dadi:Y can’t I book?Now should I pack the bags or u will do it?
Shekhar:no no maa we r doing.
Next morning.
Dadi:Shekhar check where is ur father? Y has he not come yet? Sumi are ready we’ll be late get ready.Laado don’t hurry pack ur everything properly.
Shekhar looked at her with a amused expression.It seemed that she was the most excited person for the trip.

Meanwhile Shivansh n Sanskruti enter baadi.
Shivansh:Dadi we r ready.
Shekhar n his father came with some bags in the hall.
Shekhar:gm early morning here is all okay?
Shivansh:yes y r u asking. It’s first time that I’m on time n still u r taunting me means I’m late.
Shekhar:no actually we r leaving for a trip so….
Dadi:even they two r coming with us for the trip.
Shekhar:(in mind)what happened to maa till yesterday she didn’t like him n always searched reasons to get him away n today she invited him.Idk what’s cooking in her mind.
Ragini came down in the hall with her luggage.
Ragini:(in mind)My whole family is coming with me.But I still feel a void as if someone is missing. What’s wrong with me? I should be happy. N goes down with a smile.
Ragini:I’m ready dadi.
Sanskruti:hi angel even we r coming with u to darjeeling.
Ragini:u mean Shivansh n u?
Dadi: yes they both but it seems that u r not happy

Ragini:no dadi I’m very happy.
Dadi:oh so if shivansh comes then only u r happy ?
Ragini:nai wo I didn’t mean that….
Sumi:maa we r ready let’s leave.
At the bus depot.
Dadi:ok so this is our bus n this is ur bus laado n shivansh.
Ragini:what!!our bus!! We r going in the same bus na?
Dadi:no actually only 5 tickets were available in one bus so I got two tickets in other bus.So u n shivansh in other bus n we 5 in other bus. Shekhar:maa let Sanskruti n Shivansh go in other bus n Ragini will come with us.
Shivansh: yes dadi I n doll will go in 2nd bus.
Dadi:We can’t do like this. I invited them on this trip n now u want me to isolate them.No arguments Sanskruti with us n Ragini with shivansh.See our bus came.Laado ur bus is after half hour.Bye take care.
No one said a word coz it seemed that dadi had already planned all this n convincing her was of no use. So they left in their bus n while Ragini n shivansh waited for their bus.
After half hour.

Ragini:see our bus came let’s leave.
Shivansh:ok. He went n kept his luggage in the bus n went took his seat. Here Ragini was struggling with her luggage n could not keep it when a hand came forward n helped her to keep her luggage.
Ragini:(turing around) thanks shiv…sry I thought u r someone else.Tysm for ur help.
Man:it’s my pleasure.
She went in the bus. In the bus she didn’t find Shivansh
anywhere so she went a took a seat(there are two adjoint seats where she is sitting)
Ragini:hi so even u r in the same bus ?
Man:it seems so….may I sit here ?
Ragini: actually I am… she saw Shivansh standing at the door….y not pls sit.
Shivansh who saw this was now fuming in anger….

Precap:Shivansh getting more jealous n Ragini enjoying his attention…..

Credit to: Lily

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