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Next morning Ragini woke up late.She opened her eyes n found the room full of teddy bears and there a note on the side table.The note said”For ur smile”. Ragini gave a light smile. Shivansh who was watching her standing at the window also smiled seeing her smiling.Dadi who watched this from far came to Shivansh.
Dadi:Her smile is mesmerising na ?

Shivansh:(without realising)yes.no Dadi I didn’t mean that n leaves the place
Dadi:I understand everything.I’m Dadi n I know y anyone will smile seeing anyone else smile.I really happy for u both.Just have to make u both realise the same.
Ragini got up n saw two bouquets on the table in front of her bed.One was a chocolate bouquet n one was a rose bouquet.She kept rose in the vase and took a chocolate n munched it.She went to the cupboard but to her shock only one dress was there in green n white along with a note:this color will suit u.She changed n came down into the hall.Everyone was shocked to see her.She was as fresh as a daisy.It felt that she had completely forgotten yesterday’s incident.They didn’t ask her any question n continued their breakfast.
Swara:Nice dress Ragini. When did u buy it ?

Ragini:wo actually I…
Shivansh:when she came for shopping with us.
Dadi:yesterday I kept pooja for ur good life but it turned
Ragini:yes pooja was successful that’s y we realised such a big truth relating to my future.
Shekhar:What is the truth that u r talking about ?
Ragini:My divorce procedure is not complete n it’s still pending.I’m not yet divorced.
All were shocked to learn it.
Dadi:what do u want laado to stay with him or divorce. He is ur first love after all. Shivansh was sad hear this. He turned other side n was about to leave the table.
Ragini:No Dadi I don’t know what feelings I had for him earlier I can’t even say that it was love. But now I’m sure u don’t him in my life n want to complete the divorce procedure.
She left the table n went to terrace to be alone for some time. She was standing alone and flashes of yesterday’s n today’s incidents were flashing in her mind.She got teary eyed n tears started rolling down her eyes. That’s when a hand with a handkerchief.
Ragini:how do u always know whenever I need u ?

Shivansh:that’s coz I know u well.
Shivansh:but still haven’t taken a handkerchief so thanks for what ?
Ragini:For the dress, chocolate,roses n soft toys. But u didn’t say how am I looking ?
Shivansh: so u know it was me.I didn’t know that my favourite color would look more good on u then me. But can’t accept ur thanks.
Ragini: y ??
Shivansh:I did it to get something else in return n not thanks.
Ragini smiled n said”I hope this is fine”
Shivansh:more than fine perfect.
Ragini:now I have a question for u can I ask ?
Shivansh:Y not ?
Ragini:y did u do all this for me ?
Shivansh:actually u were so sad yesterday n weeped so much that my whole shirt got wet n I…I..
Swara:Ragini baba is calling u down.Come fast.
Ragini:let’s go down
Shivansh:after u

A lawyer had come to discuss about her divorce case. Ragini briefed him about all the facts of her case.
Lawyer:well before coming to any conclusion I’ll talk to the lawyer whom ur ex husband had hired get the details from court n get back to u.
After two days the lawyer met them again. And informed them that procedures are complete in fact were already complete n were misinformed by laksh about the divorce.On the other hand lash who had been hospitalised after the fight had regained consciousness.
At the hospital.
Kavya:if u loved Ragini then u would have told me once I would have left.My love for u is true yes I didn’t like or even say I hated ur family coz I have never known what a family is. I always considered them crowd n not a family n the way the reacted on our marriage I thought that they would snatch u from me.So I troubled them I’m sry.
Laksh struggling to speak: I’m sry Kavya but I promise I’ll be with u n give a complete n fair chance to our marriage. I’ll try my best to forget Ragini but I need some time.
Kavya:sure take as much time as u need I’ll eagerly wait for that day. Kavya hugged him n laksh hugged him back.
Here at baadi all were happy to learn that Ragini can now actually move on in her life.

Precap:A trip to Darjeeling with the Gagodias n Shivansh…….

Guys just 7-8 episodes more n then I’ll end my ff. Thanks for supporting me throughout this beautiful journey.

Credit to: Lily

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