A new story Ragini-episode 16


Hello friends !! Hope u r enjoying my ff. Any suggestion or criticism is always welcome. Thanks to all who have commented n silent readers too.
Guys I don’t know anything about legal procedure so whatever I have shown in my ff is my own creativity n not real. About laksh marrying kavya it will be revealed
Shekhar n Shivansh r searching for her.Shivansh tries calling her number.Her phone rings n they find it on the road. Shivansh gets her phone.
Shivansh:(in mind)Means she hasn’t gone by her will but forcefully.But what will anyone get by ruining her?wait a sec can it be laksh. It’s possible the way he reacted at concert night. How can I know?He called Sanskaar.
Shivansh:Hello is laksh with u?

Shivansh:is he at home?
Sanskaar:no he told me he’s planning a surprise for his wife so he has gone somewhere.But who r u speaking. Shivansh didn’t ans n cut the call.
Shivansh was now really worried.Laksh missing along with Ragini just cannot be a coincidence.He was adamant to find her at any cost.He called up his friend to trace laksh’s no.After learning about the location he immediately left.
Here Sanskaar was wondering about the mystery caller when swara came running to his cabin looking worried.
Sanskaar:what happen to u?
Swara:Ragini’s missing.
Now he understood about the call he had received few moments ago. He immediately called up laksh. Sanskaar: where r u lucky?
Not want to give any hint to anyone he talked as normal he could.
Laksh:I told na I want to give a surprise to my wife.
Sanskaar:yes but kavya was asking for u.So what should I tell her.
Laksh:tell her I’ll be back soon.
Here on Ragini’s insistence pandit misplaced some items required for marriage (sindoor,mangalsutra,etc)

Laksh now fumed with anger
Laksh:pandit just start the rituals.I don’t care start the marriage.
Now even Sanskaar leaves in search of Ragini n also tries to trace laksh.
The marriage was about to start when Shivansh reached there to stop it.
Laksh:Can’t stay away from her even for a second na but now she will be my wife.So stay away.
Shivansh:I won’t let that happen.N he picks a burning wood n takes it near his face . He moves back for protection while doing so he drops the knife which he was holding on his wrist. Then laksh n Shivansh have a fight. Shivansh overpower laksh n punches him badly.laksh gets fainted but Shivansh continues to hit him.That’s when shekhar n Sanskaar reach the venue n separate Shivansh from laksh.
Sanskaar:stop it he’s already unconscious. Pls stop.
Shekhar holds on Shivansh. Shivansh realises that he’s fainted n goes to Ragini.
Shivansh:r u alright?Did he harm u ?R u hurt anywhere?
He starts checking.
Ragini was in tears and hugs him.
Ragini:I’m fine. Her voice was trembling showing the trauma of the incident on her.
Shekhar went to Ragini.
Shekhar:let’s go home beta. Everything will be fine.
Ragini didn’t move n her head was still on Shivansh’s chest. Shekhar asked Shivansh to be with her.They started walking while Ragini still hugging Shivansh.
At home. Swara sumi n dadi were waiting for Ragini to come. When they saw her entering with Shivansh.

Dadi:Is she alright?
Shivansh:yes dadi she’s shocked n needs some rest she’ll be fine.
Dadi:ok take her to her room
They went to the room. Sumi brought some food n Swara came with some medicine.She did first aid to Shivansh n Ragini while sumi fed her. Shekhar went to pick sanskruti from her friends place. After 3 hours Ragini slept on Shivansh’s chest. Now Shivansh laid her on the bed n came out of the room. He went down n met sanskruti in his usual way. After she left the hall.
Swara:how’s Ragini ?
Shivansh:she’s fine .She’ll be perfect till morning. Now I’ll take ur leave.
Dadi:pls stay here beta for Ragini.
It’s first time Dadi called him.So he agreed for her n Ragini.

Precap:Does Shivansh feels for Ragini……

Credit to: Lily

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