A new story Ragini-episode 15

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After a while of silence
Ragini:Shivansh where’s sanskruti? Y did u not go to pick her from school ?
Shivansh:She went to her friend’s home.
Ragini:What so she won’t attend the pooja? Which friend’s house did she go? What will she eat?Who will make her eat?She is such a fussy eater.How can u allow her like this only to go at someone’s home?Do u know their family?When will she come back? Are u going to…
Shivansh kept his finger on her lips.
Shivansh:ssshhh…oh god how many questions?How will I ans.
Kaka:I think u r newly married that’s y u r behaving like this.Soon u will get used to her non stop questions.
Now three people turned red:Laksh due to anger, shivrag were blushing. Shivansh kept his hand away
Ragini took Shivansh’s phone from his jacket’s pocket.

Shivansh: what r u doing with my phone?
Ragini:wait a second….she dialled a number..hello y r u not coming to the temple.
Voice:I am at my friend’s place. Don’t worry I have given him instructions. He won’t trouble u.
Ragini:ok then meet me soon bye sanskruti
Sanskruti:bye angel.
Hearing the word sanskruti Shivansh started snatching phone from Ragini. Ragini swayed her hand to not to let him get the phone.He holds her one hand with one hand n tries to snatch the phone from another hand.Now they were face to face n there eyes met. Hardly there was any space between them. Laksh who was watching through mirror all this was now fuming with anger.He wanted to punch Shivansh’s face.His anger was at his peak.
Kaka:Laksh look at the road

Laksh applied break so suddenly n so Shivansh fell on Ragini n he accidently kissed Ragini’s cheek.
Kaka:where were u lost it could have been a big accident. U averted it at right moment.
Laksh:I’m sry. BTW we have reached temple.kaka tell me where u want to go I’ll drop u.
Kaka:even I’ll leave here I have some work which I need to finish.
Shivrag went to the temple. Everyone was already waiting for them.
Dadi:good u came on time. We will sit for pooja. Ragini u r sitting for pooja. It’s for ur good life.
Pooja started n was completed peacefully.

Pandit:now go n feed this to cow n pooja will be completed.
Ragini agrees n leaves. It’s almost half hour n Ragini hasn’t returned yet.
Dadi: where is my laado?Y hasn’t she returned? Shekhar go n check once.
Shekhar:Haa maa.
Shivansh:even I’ll come with u.
They went to search Ragini.
In an isolated place we see a temple n we see Ragini along with a Pandit n Laksh.
Laksh:prepare fast I want to marry her as quickly as possible. Do u get that?N Ragini agree to marry me or else
Ragini:or else what u will kill me better do that but I won’t marry u.
Laksh:is it so then let me think.hmmmm I’ll commit suicide. He kept a knife on his hand.
Ragini:u cannot do that ur mom will die. She got attack when u just went to jail. She can’t bear this pain.

Laksh:ok so u care for her n not me. Ok He made light cut on his hand.
Ragini:y don’t u get it?U r already married to kavya. It’s unlawful.
Laksh:no its isn’t. I took ur signatures on the paper n presented it on the court but the judge wanted to meet u. So I planned this that if I marry kavya u will be forced to divorce me. So technically we r not divorced.

Precap:Shivansh n Shekhar’s attempt to search her……

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  1. Plz dont separate ragansh, something should happen due to which ragansh should get married. Plz plz plz

  2. Plzzz dont seperate them

  3. Nice
    Plz make raglak married
    Then make ragini hate laksh more
    And laksh become physco ..
    I mean act like mad guy..
    The story will become awesome

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  7. Plz don’t separate ShivRag. Plz…plz…plz..

  8. nice n laksh is crazyyy!!!!! make it shivrag

  9. I think if the judge wanted to see Ragini she should have known it… moreover its really illegal to marry someone else(Kavya) when Laksh’s divorce process isn’t complete…he should b in jail then…anyways awesum episode..update soon

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