A new story Ragini-episode 13


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Shivansh:no doll don’t tell me u forgot….
Sanskruti:rockstar my project submission
Shivansh: ok that’s a small thing….wait a sec where’s ur project ?
Sanskruti:actually u have to make it….she said so innocently
Ragini:u should have told yesterday itself. He would have done it.
Sanskruti:yesterday when was he free 1st practice n then concert.
Ragini:she’s right. It’s not her fault.
Shivansh:when was the project told ?

Sanskruti:a week ago
Shivansh n Ragini stared at her. She then started her never failing attempt. Fake tears.
Sanskruti:I’m sry it’s ok don’t do the project. What will happen?Teacher might scold me or beat me.I’ll bear it.
Ragini:Shivansh she’s genuinely sry pls do the project we have one hour we can do it.
Shivansh: ok what’s ur topic?
Ragini n Shivansh started gathering the required materials. Shivansh started the project.
Ragini: oh god the glue has gone dry. Maa did swara have 2 bottles of glue.
Sumi:y do u want glue dear ?
Ragini:for Sanskruti’s project.
Sumi:ok then use furniture glue but don’t let Sanskruti use it. Also u be careful.
The project was soon completed. It was a beautiful model of a house with a garden.
Very happy with their work Ragini n Shivansh gave each other a hi fi n had a cute eye lock. The eye lock was broken by Sanskruti’s noise when she came back to them after showing her project to everyone in the family.
Shivansh n Ragini composed themselves n Shivansh took back his hand with a jerk n Ragini fell on him. Their eyes met again but conveyed a different meaning. It was intense eye lock. Sanskruti giggled n they tried to get up.

Shivansh:oh god I’m stuck with u.
Ragini:the glue oh no. Wait let’s both try together to get up.Then we’ll call someone for help.
Shivansh:wow u started using ur brain .Company matters. They managed to get up n stood.
Ragini:Maa pls come na I need ur help.
Shivansh:it’s all ur fault.Who told u to give me hifi.
Shekhar:what happened Ragini? Tell me.Sumi went to temple with ur dadi. So I came.
On seeing them together like this
Shekhar:is there anything that we should know about u both?
Shivrag:no nothing like that.
Ragini:u know dad we were making house model with swara’s art stuff.
Shivansh:N u are aware that swara has not been here for a year so the stuff may get spoil.
Ragini:so we did not have glue n we used furniture glue.
Shekhar:n u stuck ur hands. Y were u hesitating to tell me
Shivansh:actually the way u reacted on seeing us together. So we thought that
Shekhar:(interrupting)did u get any idea to get out of this mess ?
Sanskruti:pls uncle first drop me to school. See everything has been perfect till now but if I reach late it won’t be good.

Shekhar:yes first school n then anything else. You both be here I’ll drop Sanskruti school.
Shivansh(dramatically) nahiii
Ragini:but what if dadi comes. She will bury us alive. U r aware that she’s upset with me.
Shekhar:I’ll call ur mom n tell her to take some more time. Is that okay?
Sanskruti: u know uncle aunty told them not give me this glue as I would mess it but now look at them.
Shekhar:u r right sometimes big kids r more dangerous.
The duo left. Now Shivansh n Ragini resumed their fight to decide whose fault it was.
After some time Shekhar came back n was shocked to see that they were about to hit each other with vase n the room seemed like a war zone.
Shekhar:here’s glue dissolving solution. Take it.
Both were about to grab it.
Shekhar:no wait I’ll apply.
Both are finally separated.
Shivansh left baadi.

At the academy.
Ragini was on time but her hand was very itchy n the half hand had turned red.
She went to the class. She was shocked to find laksh among students. He introduced himself as her new student.
Ragini controlled her emotions n started the class.

Precap:Laksh’s motive to join class revealed

Credit to: Lily

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