A new story Ragini-episode 12


Hello friends !! Hope u r enjoying my ff. Any suggestion or criticism is always welcome. Thanks to all who have commented n silent readers too.
Sanskaar is shocked by laksh’s question.
Laksh:say na bhai……no no she loves me she did so much to get me. He’s good for nothing. This easily he cannot prove that ragini doesn’t love me.
Sanskaar: lucky enough for now let’s go. And he dragged laksh along with him.

Inside the room.
Ragini:how can u say I don’t love him? I always loved him.
Shivansh:I guess u should understand difference between like n love. But leave it.My only advice is move on.
Ragini:is it so easy ?
Shivansh:yes u just need to give a chance to urself to be happy n others to make u happy.
Ragini:so y haven’t u moved on ?Ur wife died 2 yrs ago n u still haven’t moved on.It’s easy to preach n not practice.
Shivansh stood numb for a while.
Shivansh:let’s leave.I drop u n take doll home.
Ragini agreed n they reached home.The journey was the most silent that one could have with Shivansh.
At baadi:
Dadi:good u came. ur niece created a lot of trouble for us. N ragini with who’s permission u performed in this concert ? I never gave u permission.
Ragini:I never took permission. I had only informed maa n baba about my decision.
Dadi:now a days it’s useless to talk to this girl. She went to her room.
Sumi:pls don’t mind her words. It’s just that she was worried for ragini as she has never let her out this alone. Ur doll is really sweet n she didn’t trouble us at all.
Shivansh realised that ragini didn’t want to tell about the concert incident to any one so she was trying to behave as normal as she could. He decided to support her n started with his antiques again.
Shivansh:oh come on aunty how can ur daughter be alone when such a gentleman is with her n don’t worry me n my guitar gave her a company inspite of the fact the her company is really boring even her sitar is more entertaining.
Sumi laughed. Ragini smiled. Shivansh was happy since it was first time she smiled after leaving concert.
Sumi:ur doll has slept so I suggest u to come n pick her up in the morning.
Shivansh:but tomorrow is her school.
Sumi:come in the morning with her uniform n bag.She can directly go from here.
He agreed n left.

Next morning.
Shivansh came at 6 in the morning since the school is at 7:30.
Sumi lead him towards ragini’s room where he saw ragini trying to wake up sanskruti but she didn’t even budge.
Sumi again went to kitchen to prepare the breakfast n sanskruti’s tiffin.
Ragini:I’m sry Shivansh.I shouldn’t have talked about ur wife like that.
Shivansh:it’s okay.Even I should have understood that even after 2 years I can’t move on then how can u move on in just 1 week.So I have an idea let’s try to move on together.What say?
Ragini:yes but first help me with ur doll.
After much trials n tribulations she woke up.She was soon ready in her uniform.Ragini was tying her plates n she was packing her bag.When she yelled.
Sanskruti:oh nooo!!!
Shivansh face was tensed coz whenever sanskruti yelled like this while packing her bag it was lead to some big trouble.

Precap: Shivansh n ragini’s hand get stuck with each other……

Sry I got some new ideas so couldn’t include yesterday’s precap in this episode. And I wanted to know ur opinion on laksh’s character:Whether I should turn him into obsessive lover who creates trouble for Shivrag ? Or who realises his mistake n let’s them leave peacefully ? Pls let me know in comments

Credit to: Lily

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  3. make him jealous and create more scene with ragansh

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  6. Nice one dear but its shrt make it a loooooooong one nxt time…..
    About laksh make him a obssesive lover 4 some time, becoz of lucky shivrag will come close to each other,then shivrag will realize laksh his mistake…

  7. Jyotika patel

    Let laksh create trouble

  8. very nice …

  9. Make laksh realize his mistake..

  10. Plz ya laksh shud let them live peacefully. Seriously mt an obssessed, person, bt yes of course he should try a bit to separate them which brings ragansh close,like really close:-):-):-)

  11. Nice words shivansh

  12. Lovely episode…. I suggest for laksh u initially began with the first concept (obsessive lover) and then change it to second….
    Just my opinion but dear its your story so whatever u think the best.?

  13. yeah plss continueeeee and ur ff is nice

  14. Well…nice epi…let Laksh trouble shivrag more only to bring them more close..its my suggestion..now its upto u..

  15. Let him trouble them more jealous

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