A new story Ragini-episode 11


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Swara n Sanskaar went behind laksh. Followed by other maheshwaris.
Ragini n Shivansh came down the stage. Ragini saw laksh approaching her. She didn’t want to talk to him so she immediately left from there n came to green room. Shivansh sensed the change in her behaviour and was about to go behind her when laksh held his collar.
Laksh:how dare u ?
Laksh pushed him down and now he was on Shivansh n punching his face. Sanskaar n aadarsh held him. Shivansh stood up.
Shivansh:ur brother is crazy. Pls control him.
Sanakaar: we r extremely sry for his behaviour.
Shivansh thought of Ragini n left the place.

Sanakaar: What were u thinking when u were doing all this laksh? Y don’t u realise that u have no right on Ragini now n be happy with kavya.
Laksh did not pay any heed also went behind Shivansh.
Shivansh knocked the door. Ragini wiping her tears asked him to come in.
Shivansh realised that she was crying n went towards her.
Shivansh:(jokingly)I didn’t know that u cared for me so much that a guy hit me n u started crying.
Ragini: what!!!who hit u ? Looking at his face.

Shivansh:so u don’t know about this. Now tell me the truth y were u crying ?
Ragini:nothing…..Some pains cannot have words to express.
Shivansh:N there’s no pain that cannot be shared.
Ragini: I saw my ex husband while our performance.
Shivansh: what ur ex husband ?
Ragini narrated everything to him. Her journey from being Ragini to SWARAGINI. Laksh arrival in her life. Loving Swara….her misdeeds..laksh’s attempt to kill her….her revenge…n then his betryal.
Shivansh:N u say u love him?
Ragini:what I love him from the core of my heart…
Shivansh: ok but in this whole plot where r u ?

Ragini: it’s my own story
Shivansh: no its not I can guarantee that u never loved him. Do u understand that u liked him coz ur family selected him but genuinely it should have been the other way around since u like a guy n ur family selects him. U never gave opinion about him. u were suppose to marry him n not Swara. Swara first tried to break ur alliance since he misbehaved with her but when he saves her when she was kidnapped she asks u to be with him again. Are u a toy that put a key n u work according to their wish ? Then about ur revenge even u r a human so u will definitely do this. How many times was the relation on n off like a switch. Since ur dadi had used the same path to avoid ur dad n sumi maa’s marriage. U did not find the path wrong when sanskaar was with u to separate swalak. N then when u mistreat his family then also u weren’t wrong.
Ragini:how’s that possible ?

Shivansh: u told me that dp learnt about swara being ur half sister n he banned u from the community. How did he learn the thing that even u didn’t know for 20 years? And after u r banned laksh comes to help u to unite ur maa n baba.its obvious that he told about it to dp to break the alliance only since he didn’t like u. But his plan went wrong n u were insulted in front of the society whereas u insulted his family inside the four walls of their home only. Realise it Ragini u never loved him n all what u did with him in name of love was due to other reasons n not love. If u had genuinely loved him then his happiness would have mattered to u the most n not whether he is with u or not…that’s obsession n not love.
Laksh who was standing outside listening all this had tears in his eyes.
Sanskaar came there .
Sanskaar:lucky let’s go kavya is waiting n she doesn’t know why this about it so let’s leave before she gets to know.

Laksh:Bhai Ragini never loved me na ?
Sanskaar was shocked at the question n could not ans.

Precap:Ragini’s second music class…..

Credit to: Lily

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