A new story Ragini-episode 10

Hello friends !!!
Ragini in seen getting ready in a lavender colour anarkali. With minimal make up n open hairs she looks like an angel from heaven. Her family is happy to see her forgetting her past n moving on.
Shivansh entered baadi calling out her name. Just as he entered the hall he was stunned to see Ragini. For a minute he thought he had never seen a beautiful girl as her. Shivansh stood their with open mouth. Ragini went to him n closed his mouth.
Ragini:Let’s leave or we’ll be late.

It took a minute for Shivansh to realise what was happening.
Shivansh:(fumbling)haa wo doll stop playing n come in we r getting late for concert. Sanskruti came in n said hello to everyone.
Sanskruti:aunty ur food was so yummy that I had to come once again for the yummy food. I tell u rockstar is a very bad cook.
All giggled n Shivansh stared at him.
Sanskruti:u should leave or u will be late rockstar bye saying this she pushed him out of the hall. Ragini followed him.

Sanskruti:thank god he went or he would have killed me for criticising his cooking skills. She gave out a sigh of relief.
Shivansh n Ragini reached the venue. They went to their green room. Shivansh went for the details about their performance.
Shivansh:we have to perform after half n hour till then would u like to eat anything? Ragini declined.
After 20 mins
Shivansh:let’s go to the backstage.

Ragini agreed n went with him. They reached backstage.
Shivansh:let’s see who is performing before us.
Ragini was shocked to see kavya giving her performance. She almost cried.
Ragini:(in mind)whenever I try to move on y does my past always catches up with me.
Shivansh:oh don’t worry u r going to perform with the world’s best guitarist.
Kavya’s performance was over n they enter the stage. The light was dim n focus was now on Ragini n Shivansh
They started playing their tune.(The tune is the song mere nishaan from batmeez dil only tune n no lyrics) while performing Shivansh moved around Ragini. He was taking rounds of Ragini.
The entire maheshwari family is present n so is laksh.He gets angry on seeing them together like this. He closed his fist in rage n closed his eyes. Just then he felt a hand on his shoulder.He opens his eyes n finds kavya standing there.

Kavya:I know u can’t see anyone performing better then me but don’t worry I’ll not let them perform the best. She smirked n left. Their performance was over n all were mesmerised by their performance.They were about to leave the stage when the host came n announced”miss gagodia we heard that even u play guitar well so it’s our request pls play a tune for us.pls give a big hand for her ladies n gentlemen”Kavya stood at backstage n smirked.
Fb- she bribed the host to do this.
Ragini could not deny in front of everyone or they would become a joke. Host gave her a guitar n asked her to play. Ragini didn’t even know how to hold a guitar how would she play?
She hold the guitar n was about to take her position like swara used to hold just then she felt someone holding her hand.She looked back n finds Shivansh.She was relieved.Now Ragini was in front n Shivansh behind her. He held her hand n started playing the guitar.(the tune is humdard song from ek villain)

Laksh:how dare he!! I’ll kill him he cannot be with my Ragini. He yelled
Sanskar:control ur self Laksh she is not ur wife anymore
Laksh:I don’t care. He left the place in rage.
Shivansh n Ragini’s performance was over n they stood like that together. The audience clapped n it disturbed their eyelock they came to the reality from their dreamland.

Precap:Ragini’s past is reveled to Shivansh…..

Credit to: Lily


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