A new story Ragini- episode 1


Hey friends!! This my first ff so pls support me.

My story starts after ragini’s suicide attempt.Swara returns to her room and is shocked to find Ragini hanging from the fan. Her scream gathers everyone in the room. Shekhar and dadji together manage to get ragini down. She is unconscious. Sumi sprinkles some water on her face and she gets up choking and coughing. She is shocked to find everyone there.
Just when sumi is about to say some thing to ragini Shekhar gives ragini a tight slap on her face. All are shocked of his action.

Shekhar:Did I give u birth so that u can take ur life ? Was our upbringing so weak that that for the sake of one person u were ready to die? U did not even once think about us. Only laksh mattered to u. For ur sake I brought swara here and u were doing this. U proved today that I have failed as a parent. Our love is nothing to u. Laksh , laksh n laksh.we do not exist for u, correct ?
By now ragini starts crying and tries to apologise to everyone but in vain.
After an hour there’s a knock on the door. Swara opens the door n is shocked to find sanskaar. Shekhar comes and greets him n asks him to come inside. Sanskaar comes inside n takes everyone’s blessing.
Sanskaar: y did u call me baba ? all ok ?
Shekhar: I have called u to take swara back to mm. I have realised my folly. I did it for her but she doesn’t care at all.
Sanskaar was confused about Shekhar’s statement. Shekhar turned towards swara
“Swara pls pack ur bag n leave for mm.its in ur interest .”
Swara : no baba ragini needs me I need to be here.pls I won’t leave
Shekhar: she doesn’t need anyone. Now it’s her own struggle. Let her manage alone . Ur support will make her weak. Just trust ur baba n leave.

Swara reluctantly agreed and left for mm.
Here ragini was all alone crying bitterly on her life and fate.now she was hurt and dejected not bcoz of laksh’s rejection but her father’s words were killing her. She remembers her mother janki and thinks “I am sorry Mom I failed as a daughter , wife and a sister. But I promise to set things right n sort out the mess of my life which I have created. I promise to give my life A NEW STORY .”
Wiping her tears she went to look for swara but sumi told her that she went back to mm on her father’s insistence.She went n thanked her dad for this.Then quietly she went to her room and tried to sleep but couldn’t. Whole night she kept thinking about the next day as now she was gonna be the writer of her own destiny . She was no more a cribbing baby but a determined ragini who could face her life with ease.

That’s it for today….hope you like it!!

Precap: A new start……

Credit to: Lily

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