Hey guys , its Riya Gupta back again ……I know I am very late nearly two months ….but so sorry no other choice left …I was busy with the MDP project and viva and all …..u know na its tough ….
Anyways enough of my bak , bak …..and one more thing just last month I came to know that my kiddo , Lil sis dolly is also a writer here ….impressive ….lol but don’t expect me to be like her …..

Here is the link for the previous episode ,

Here is the beautiful story (lol)
Riya : Swara come na
Swara : one sec let me pack my bag …
Riya : OK ….
Swara : come let’s leave …
Sammy comes
Sammy : I would be waiting for u beautiful ….
Swara smiles and nods , Riya gives a angry look to Sammy …..

Sammy leaves ,

Ragsan side
Kabir : sanskar …..come na ….
Sanskar : array y r u always behind …..for all the stupid works …
Kabir gives a cold look
Sanskar : OK OK don’t ever show me that look …..
Kabir smiles
Sanskar signs : dramebazz ……
Kabir : after all whose friend
Sanskar gives a cold look now

Riya : here Swara , u go in ….I will bring the list from ma’am
Swara nods and goes in , Riya signals tanu and she signals kabir to bring sanskar …..kabir also signs
Kabir : come sanskar ….
Sanskar heads along with him ….
Kabir : oh no !
Sanskar : what happened
Kabir : its very urgent
Sanskar : what ?
Kabir : nature is calling
Sanskar gives a shame full look
Sanskar : go fast and come …
Kabir runs ….sanskar goes in ……

Tanu : didn’t u have any other excuse ….shame full creature
Kabir : how can when sanskar is here ……he is very doubt full u know
Riya : but we should be happy that our plan is completed na
Rahul : haan …..thats what we tried …so be happy let the love birds enjoy

All giggles

Swara was looking at the guitar ……she gets tears and gets flashes of sanskar
Swara touches the guitar
Swara (tears) : I don’t know , but I miss u sanky !
She closes her eyes

At that time , she hears footsteps …and quickly wipes her tears
She thinks it has Riya
Swara : Riya ……did u bring the list

Sanskar was stunned listening her voice
Sanskar looks at Swara , her back was facing …….he smiles without his knowledge
Swara : stupid Riya …did u bring the list
No respond ….sanskar jerks from his thoughts
Sanskar goes closer to Swara , Swara could feel the breathe near her neck ….and feels connected

Swara immediately turns , and was shocked seeing sanskar so close , sanskar was awstuck seeing her eyes again
Sanskar (lovingly) : Swara !
Swara looks on , both share an beautiful long eye lock

Both composes
Swasan at same time : what r u doing here ?
Both looks at each other angrily …
Again at that same time
Swasan : Riya / kabir called me here ?
Again both gives a cold look
Swara : listen I know …..u came here to trouble me again and intimate me …but for ur kind information I am not interested in u !
Sanskar (attitude) : oh hello ….who came behind u ….promise that idiot kabir called me here
Swara : u don’t need to show ur stupid antics to me as I already know it plz stop ur so called drama
Sanskar couldn’t control
Sanskar (attitude) : have u ever saw ur face on mirror ?
Swara : of course …as my face is worth watch unlike urs ……who is crawling behind me
Sanskar : stop it Swara , I have moved like u …..go …get lost from here , go and hug ur Sam ….
Swara couldnt control
Swara : oh ya ….being with Sam is more better then being with u …..I am leaving
Saying this she goes near the door and tries to open the door but all in vain
Swara : sanskar how could u stoop so low …..u have locked the door also …give me the keys
Sanskar : array what logic is this …what ever happenes …its all because of me huh ! Today this door , tomorrow u will say someone child in ur womb as mine also na ……u r that type of girl only na ….who enjoys but doesn’t give permission for others to enjoy !
Swara has tears and was numb ….her cheeks became red and her eyes was moist
Sanskar was shocked and realizes what he said
Sanskar : Swara (before he could say )
Swara stops him showing her hand …..
Swara : enough is enough sanskar , damage me , insult me , beat me , scold me ….do whatever u want but ur love for me wasn’t a true one …u were behind my body not me ….at least I more good than u in these matter
Sanskar gets angry but he was feeling guilt also …..Swara goes and sits on the couch …..trying to call someone through phone

Rahul : did u cut the network signal kabir
Kabir : done bro …that was the first one I did …
Tanu : good …now come let’s leave ….we will meet them tomorrow …
All nods and leaves

@store room
Swara was feeling cold has its rainy season and moreover she was wearing sleeveless
She was smoothening her shoulders
Sanskar notices this …..he removes his jacket and gives it to her ……she first refuses but later dues to cold she accepts …
Swara smells the perfume of the jacket and smiles , even sanskar smiles with his dashing looks

Sanskar and Swara were in shopping complex
Sanskar : Swara select me a perfume na ….which I can admire ur beauty (teasingly)
Swara blushes
Swara : sanskar , shameless
Sanskar smiles
Swara searches for him ….
Swara : this one
Sanskar : but Swara this is so cheap …I mean come on select me ur branded items
Swara : all my things are branded except this perfume ….because
Sanskar : let me tell …..u were sprayed this scent on our first meet right
Swara looks on amazed
Swara : how do u know it
Sanskar : because from that time ….u r on the same smell ..I thought this is ur lucky perfume …just a guess
Swara : truly intelligent …..but u know what our first meet was the most wonderful thing in my life
Sanskar : even me …..
Swasan smiles looking at each other …
Swara : so from now on …whenever u meet me or u want to feel me …..spray this OK
Sanskar : OK queen of sanskar maheshwari ….
Swara smiles , while sanskar gets memerised seeing her

Flashback ends

Both comes from the their dreams, world …..
Both look at each other

Precap : don’t know

I know its boring but what to do ..I am not getting any idea …don’t worry I won’t drag this ….I will complete in few episode

Guys just Sunday I landed on Paris ….and now I am with esha , as we are going India to meet our sis Alia on Thursday so esha is bit busy with her home schooling as u all know …..and due to her operation of artificial leg next week …..we r going India … it will be a hectic schedule
So pardon us …..sorry for the inconvience …..don’t worry soon she will update

Thanks for reading …..

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