Hey guys …I am riya gupta ….I am new here
So here I present u a new story …..not proof read .

The story ,
@kapoor mansion
Mishti : swara …..come have breakfast fast ..
Swara shouts : coming mom
Swara comes down wearing red sleeveless top with black scarf around her neck and black half shirt above the knee ….made her hair open and a red headband
Mishti : why did it took this much time for u to come …
Swara : vo …MA riya was on call so
Mishti : why did she called this early ..
Swara : vo MA ….she wants me to bring some notes so .
Mishti : OK OK finish ur breakfast and leave ..
Swara gives a relief sign …
Mishti goes into kitchen …
Swara takes her phone …
Swara messages : u idiot because of u I got scolding …..who said u to come in morning ….
Reply : I am sorry baby ….but I couldn’t control myself from seeing u ….and that morning kiss .
(Swara smiles )
Reply : for ur smile I can go to any extant ….
Swara message’s : how did u know that I smiled
Reply : that’s called heart connection baby ..
OK now finish ur breakfast fast and come …
I am waiting for u outside ….we will go in bike to collage
(Swara eyes widens )
Swara messages : stupid …still u didn’t go ..idiot
What if mom or dad sees …
Reply : baby ur dad is not in home ….and ur mom it’s in ur hand ….finish fast and come
Swara hurriedly eats her breakfast ..
Mishti comes ..
Swara keeps her phone in the bag ….
Mishti : Swara
Swara : yes MA
Mishti : today I am going for a business tour .
Swara inner heart smiles
Mishti : r u listening …
Swara : haan MA
Mishti : it will take 3 days I guess or more …I know it’s ur semester holiday ..still I can’t help it
Already dad has went to his business trip last week …maybe he will day after tomorrow ..or I don’t know ..OK ..
Swara nods
Mishti : Sarah will be here with u (Sarah maid )

In morning and night …u will have to take care OK
Swara : OK MA …I can as I am in final year ..
Mishti : I know that’s y I am leaving u alone …OK now go fast collage time
Swara sweats now ….
Mishti gets call …
Mishti : bye Swara ..
Swara : bye MA …
Mishti goes upstairs …
Swara runs out and sees a boy in his stylish bike wearing helmet …
Swara rushes and sits back of him
Swara : go fast ..go go …
Boy : ya ya ….I am going ….
They leave …..

boy : so love is there any good news …
Swara : what do u mean
Boy : I heard what ur mom was saying …
Swara smiles
Boy : oh god ..u r smiling …aww….so cute
Swara : first u see the road and drive ..
Boy : OK beautiful ..and ya the matter ..
Swara : hmm …ya
Boy : u will be alone three days right ….as we have holiday from tomorrow …
Swara : haan ….so what
Boy : I can’t leave my love alone …..or else ..
Shall I accompany u (smile’s naughty )
Swara smiles
Swara : no need ..
The boy pouts …
Swara again smiles
Swara : OK
Boy (happily) : really …..
Swara : haan …
Boy ; thank u love …..we will enjoy (smile naughtily )
Swara : we will see …
The collage came ….
All the girls were flat seeing the boy …
All the boys were flat seeing Swara
All the couples burns in jealousy to see this couple …
The boy parks the bike ..
Swara gets down …

Their friends comes and surrounded them …
Riya : oh oh ….u two daily increasing ur romance huh !
Kabir : array riya ..whom u r asking ….these love birds …
(Swara and the boy blushes a bit )
Tanu : leave guys …let them ..
Boy : u all are jealous of us right …
Sasha : of course yaar ….
Swara : see they r accepting themselves …
Rohan : that’s what friends are for …
All share a group hug ..
Swara : remove ur helmet ..
The boy removes his helmet ..

Precap : who is he ?

Hope u all like the episode and plz comment …

Credit to: Riya gupta

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