a new start (yrkkh) episode 1


my ff starts here:-

sanju is back from cape town…kuhus truth…nara wedding…..lets see how sanju changes everything n makes everyone happy
but in my ff kuhu doesnt call naitik her father
maheshwari house-
they all run out to see who it is…its sanju..
rajshri-you came on the right point we r gng to leave for chiku’s marrige
s-i know(she hugs everyone and doesnt see kuhu)
s-where is shaurya uncle n ananya
varsha-ananya got married but she is cmg wid her husband..and shaurya..(stammers)is busy
s-ohh okay
(they all laugh)
suddenly kuhu comes and hugs sanju
they get shocked
kuhu-sanju didi(cries)
s-kuhu my darling u here?
k-(cries)what happened to my princess where is mom?
everyone looks on schocked
sanju is in tears..she shakes kuhu…everyone shouts at sanju
r-sanju what r u doing..
s-…stammers….kuhu..where is mom?
everyone together-she died
sanju’s phone drops from her hand..she cries…r consoles her..
she runs to her room
kuhu runs behind calling her sanju didi
jasmeet hugs kuhu
j-u know her beta?
everyone is shocked….
the bell rings-its sanjus dad
sd-hii..is sanju there..
before he can reply he sees kuhu..she hugs him..
they get shocked..
sd-kuhu darling where is mom?
sd-what!my wife cant be dead!where is sneha?and how r u here?
everyone is shocked…sanju comes out and says its all over now..
sd hugs kuhu and sanju..
he sends all the kids in..
sd-sorry,but how is my daughter here?where is sneha?
r-actually someone told us my son is ur daughters father so…
sd-sneha is my wife..she is my sanju’s mother where is she?
sanju-dad she is dead..pls control…im sry
sd,k,s go in one room together..
meanwhile..mash family is shocked..
v-so she is his daughter then where is shaurya?
ananya and shaurya come home..
they r shocked seeing his state..
a-how much will u lie..why did u blame my dad..ms varsha maheshwari?
k-ananya didi
a-hi kuhu princess..when will ur dad come is he so annoyed?
s comes and hugs ananya…
s-she is my sister..kuhu..
a n shaurya are shocked…

akshara come
precap-happy scenes :sneha return:nara romance

Credit to: khushi shah

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  1. This is so confusing..
    Whats fan fiction?
    And whats the drama.. Sanju n kuhu are blood sisters?

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