A New Start (NAUC, Chapter 19)


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The war is on between the showoff’s and the dhaba is the arena for the fight, and the audience is the customers and surprisingly they attract more customers and increase the sale. As the family members try to stop Roopan not only she but the dhaba manager also bursts on them as for Roopan it’s a question of herself paradise and for manager it’s a question of customers. The Gangwals and the manager have an argument and the clever Gangwa children keep a condition of not paying the bill as they , have, increased the sails so they deserve some trophy for that, . after a short argument they agree on a term of free lunch. The elders look happy except Dada G who looks a bit annoyed.

As the fight/war proceeds the matter now starts getting serious and now the, super Dramebaaz showoffs, start showing off on their jewelry and even they bring out their bags and take out their costliest dresses, and just to show off began discussing about them with the other family members,which goes the same for Bua G. now as the matter gets serious the purses and the ATM cards come into display/ play and the bank balance , the check books and the green pieces of paper aren’t spared, which inturn attracts thae attention of a group of thieves , who join them , for praise and runn off taking their purses , and rings.

OH MY-MY! Bua G exclaims ….. tujhe toh abhi batati hu chor k bacche , tu janta nahi ki humari pahunch kahan tak hai,

[ hey you thief , I will surely teach you a lesson , I’ll show you……… you don’t know my approach…. ]

{literally humari mean our but as royale speak humari when they refer to themselves alone also}

Oye! Ye mera purse hai… kahan le ja raha hai, Chor ke Bacche Ruk zara abhi dikhati hoon tujhe…….. is what Roopan said [ hey you! Hey you- theif this is my purse you are taking stop , just come here I will show you, ]

Well these words showed us ki kon kitne pani main hai……

Mean by these words we come to know about the real status of these two…….

As the thieves try to get away , our young force comes into action and start following them……..

As the interesting chase proceeds, they are joined by the elders so that they can corner the thieves easily, but the thieves were clever and eloped easily , and our young brigade from both the sides start looking for them. While looking for them everyone scatter in random directions,and Nisha catches site of one of the thief who is in disguise of a woman , slowly slowly and cautiously , and reaches a bisecting road(doraha, actually I am not getting appropriate word) where he is spotted by Kaaby, and as the thief stops by to look around, Nishu and Kabby jumps on him like hungry attackers. We can clearly visualize the thief as prey and NIBIR as the Predator. Pity , that thief……….. not really as the hungary predators bump into each other, and have their first sweet NOK-JHOK J

*******to be continued……..


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Ok some NOK –JHOK dialogues for ma sweeties J but I ain’t translating them so please post in the comment boxifany problems in understanding ……..

{Kabby and Nishy bump into each other and rub their heads after the impact and Nisha while rubbing looks at Kabir…&…}


K- Aaahhh!

N-Kaun hai jo………

{looks at Kabby who is still rubbing his head}

K- main honn, aur kyat um dekh ke nahi chal sakti…Dekho tumne kya kia meri ROLEX WATCH… aur who chor….

[he stresses on the word ROLEX intentionally to brag about money…. Bcoz agar bua kar sakti h toh bhatija kyun nahi :P]

(NOTE: words in capitals are the words stressed upon , or stretched by the speaker or satid in mimicking or teasing way)

N-Ab maine kya kiya ,dekh k tum khud nahi chal rahe ho AURRRRRRR…..

[kabby cuts her talk by putting his hand on her mouth]

K- KIIIII KITNAAAAA bolti ho tum …. Aur cheenkhna band karo mujh pe……

{Nisha removes his hand and looks angry}

N- OH! Oye idher dekh main idher hu Mr. ROOOOOLEXXX watch

K-meranaam ROLEX watch nahi hai Miss CHIK CHIK ……..

N-KYAAA! Main chick chick aurt tu kya hai langoorrr………

(both move forward towards each other and stand chest to chest while breathing heavily may bcoz of running or shouting and angrily point fingers at each other)

N-chiiiiiiii brush nahi karta kya trere moonh se badboo aa rahi hai


Hope u liked the short nok jhok sorry due to less time I cudn’t type more of it anyways NIBIR nok-jhok can go till doomsday……… 😛 .i hope I succeeded a bit in this dialogue delivery style as it’s the secondtyme I am trying it 😀

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Credit to: Richa

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  1. story is nice
    but thn pls describe the stroy continuously as message is nt clear

  2. Thanx navya
    dr do u mean by regular updates or ommision hindi dialog part dr ?
    Keep readin and commenting

  3. luvvvvvvv it ……………todays epi was soo good …………..i am eagerly waiting for the next update …………….luvd nibir first nok-jhok …….oh my my bua and roopan rocked

  4. Oh wow … Nauc is back aftr havaai trip …. Nice to get back my early refreshers abt nauc

  5. FinAlly finally finally

    welcome back nauc…how was it in hawaai?? U enjoyed na….

    But u didnt change
    u r awasm as before

    nd sorry devu dii

    1. Sorry for ??? Dia dear ….. And PLZ tel me wat r ur stories ???

  6. Thank u jwaaloo♥♣
    krishy berry nd dib keep readin
    @devga berry and dia i am gud and my trip was awsm i enjoyed it 😉 and thanx to weather i got to stay a lil longer there
    aur jo badal jaye woh hum nahi

  7. I didnt tl u abt my brthday dii 🙁

  8. hi devga …….how r u dear ?????????? .
    richu ………… how r u dear ????????????????????????? …………………

  9. were did our nauc parivaar (susi suchi liya varshini pathanga maanu ….. ) ??? …………after the end of nauc many of them vanished from this site …………..missing every1 alot

  10. Good Gng


    tellyupdates par publish hone vale 3 fanfics, nauc, eht aur acls ka apharan ho gaya hai…unki iklauti abhibhavak richa bhi gayab h…richa aakhiri baar christmas wishes m dec 24, 2015 ko 7:19 pm par dekhi gayi…..nauc aur eht dec 20, 2015 ko aakhiri baar dekhe gaye jabki acls dec 22, 2015 ko….kuch sutron se khabar mili hai ki ye fir se hawaai trip par chale gaye hein…..parantu abhi kuch nhi kaha ja sakta…..inspector DEVGA abhi mamle ki jaanch kar rahi h….bane rahiye reporter dia k sath aage ki khabro k liye……cameraman comment box k sath m dia apse ijazat mangti hu…..

  12. NEWS
    eht, acls aur unki abhibhavak richa
    titli vapas aa gaye h…ve phir se
    hawaai trip par chale gaye th bina
    kisi ko khabar kiye…nauc abhi nhi
    aae h parantu humein asha h ki ve
    jald hi hume dikhenge….ek naya
    mamla samne aaya h jisme nauc,
    eht, acls aur richa ji ke missing case
    ko handle kar rahi inspector devga
    khud hi gayab h…asha h ki vo jald hi
    mil jae kyunki unk missing case ko
    dekhne vala koi inspector nhi
    bacha….cameraman comment box
    k sath m reporter dia apse ijazat leti
    hu…aage ki khabro k liye bane rahe
    humare sath

  13. NEWS

    richa nd ffs ke missing case ho dekhne wali inspector devga abhi khud missing hai…unhe aakhiri baar kab aur kaha dekha gaya is baat ki khabar kisiko nahi h (kisi ka toh pata nahi par mujhe khabar nahi hai)….richa aur unke 2 ffs acls aur eht toh kidnapers k changul se bhaag kar aa gae h parantu nauc nahi aa sake….acls ji k anusar devga ji kidnapers ko pakadte hue khud kidnap ho gayi aur ab devga aur nauc baithe baithe antakshari khel rahe honge…eht ji k anusar vo antakshari goenka mansion vali antakshari se 1000x achhi hogi…aage ki khabro k liye bane rahiye hamare sath…cameraman comment box k sath m reporter dia apse ijazat leti hu

  14. NEWS
    devga is backk…devga ji jo ki richa
    aur unke fanfics (RAUF) k missing
    case ho handle kar rahi thi nd khud
    hi gayab ho gayi thi aaj ve samne aa
    gayi h…..unka kehna hai ki vo
    mamle ki jaanch padtaal secretly kar
    rahi thi….Ishwar ka shukr hai ki vo
    sahi salamat hain aur unki badaulat
    eht, acls aur richa ji vapa aa
    gaye….aage koi khabar nahi milegi
    kyunki m naukri chhod rahi hu……
    cameraman comment box k sath m
    reporter dia apse ijazat leti hu.

    1. Kyun ms reporter dia ….. Kham kyun chod rahe ho ? Bahuth ache kam kar rahe ho ….. And appke bina yeh kam adhuri … Lol dia … Dnt bcome missing.

  15. richa (titli)

    thanx @ kavin nd diaa mill gayiii khabarr mujee

  16. Nhi di…i’ll not b missing…..just reporter vali naukri TEMPORIRLY chhod ri huu

  17. I see in the other website that there was many flop shows like
    [[[NAUC=Nisha Aur Uske Cousions]]].
    [[[TSM=Tere Sheher Mein]]].
    [[[KYY=Kaisi Ye Yaarian]]].
    [[[PBNMBD=Phir Bhe Na Maane Badtameez Dil]]]
    [[[TMH=Tu Mera Hero]]].
    [[[IKNMP=Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyar]]].
    But I totally disagree about all of this and they all were wrong who say that these were flop shows.
    I also said that I didn’t like some shows like,
    [[[KYY,IKNMP and etc]]].
    In that list I loved some of these shows and that was my favourite shows like,
    [[[BD,NAUC and etc]]].
    TSM the show that was my favourite show but there was some changes thats why this show was not my favourite show now.
    And I pray that NAUC,BD and the other shows come back.
    I really missed these shows and other shows which I not considered theres very muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. ~~~~~~THANKS~~~~~~

  18. Well done NAUC waiting for scission 2.

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