A New Start (NAUC, Chapter 18)


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Last chapter RECAP: we see a FB where the Gangwals are in a dhaba and a lady sees them staring her and takes it as a compliment

All look at the Gangwals because of the hassle they have created there and a lady with her family adjacent to them thinks all are looking at her and she is the COA(centre of attraction) and compliments her own self and says OH MY MY am I looking so beautiful that all are looking at me? All sitting next to her sigh and sweatdrop , as we look at the lady she is middle aged woman dressed as usual , as expected from oh my my bua g WEIRD, well her weird dressing sence may be the reason of her being COA but at present the COA was the Gangwal family.

The spectators were shoed off by the Gangwal children as if they were flies. Now all set and normal Roopan starts getting irritated and . tries finding a source of entertainment for her and she finds one and that’s OH MY MY bua g, who is busy ordering the costliest dishes and complaining about them being struck there at such a cheap and dirty place, at also eating her previously placed order at the same tims and licking her fingers, also she is busy on her phone with one of her hand and busy boasting her status etc in front of the waiter , poor man…….and amaaazing multitasking by her……

Roopan notices it and compliments her that that’s nice but at the same time she also dislikes her show off and starts ordering and boasting like her…….. and loudly
Now both the boasters hy- fy people take notice of each other and start a boasting and show off competition…
** to be continued
*** srry 4 short update but pllsss 4giv me as u know todayi updated 2 long fics already nd I will try to update long nexttt tym


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    1. no dear i never saw that serial the characters too seem unknown to me so i did’nt find interest in reading it ..my first serial was nauc ………….now i stopped watching all the tv shows…all seems very boring ..and started reading ur’s and many others swaragini ff’s which is much much more interesting 🙂 😉 …..

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  5. no dear i don’t read eht i never watched that serial in tv so the characters seemed unknown to me so……………. my first serail that i watched was nauc then swaragini which i stopped watching now bcoz it became an unbearable drama ….and started reading it’s ff’s

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  6. Oh kk sweety jwaloo jenny dr bt if u gt tym u mst watch dr itz nyc thriller shw dr nyways the b4 1st chap i hav posted intro dr u cn refèr to dat too 🙂

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