Which new show won your interest?

Star Plus’ Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara brings a story of Ahana and Anant, who are similar in personalities, but have much difference in age. Ahana hates her mother Laila, who has no emotions and love for anyone in the world. Ahana marries Anant, just to fail Laila’s plans to get hands on Anant’s property after marrying him.

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya started this week on Star Bharat. The show is a suspense horror thriller, revolving around the famous Kaal Bhairav temple, where people get mysteriously killed after sunset. The leads try to solve the mystery and nab the real culprits spreading superstitions for their greed.

Sony’s Haasil becomes a perfect replacement for Beyhadh. The story is about Anchal, who is a lawyer by profession. She wants to get justice and seek revenge from Ranvir Raichand. She becomes a part of Ranvir and Kabir’s lives. She can do anything to ruin down the business empire of Raichands.

And Tv’s Siddhi Vinayak revolves around Siddhi and Vinayak’s love story. The childhood lovers get separated by an unexpected twist. Their parents become enemies and drive hatred in them too. Siddhi and Vinayak meet after many years. Their hate-love story takes the show forward.

Sony’s Ek Deewana Tha brings a love story with a supernatural twist. The show revolves around Sharanya, who means the world to Vyom and Shiv. Shiv turns into a spirit to remain in her life. Vyom can go to any extent to secure Sharanya from Shiv’s spirit.

Which new show won your interest? Let us know your opinion. You may choose up to two options.

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  1. Fenil


  2. 1.hasil

  3. Ankur

    1. Kaal Bhairav Rahasya
    2. Haasil
    3. Ek Deewana Tha
    Looks like the Indian Television is on the right track, bcoz all the 3 shows are completely different from regular saas-bahu shows. Hope they will execute the storylines properly till the end.

  4. I am not interested so sorry

    1. Then why the h did you comment here? Hehe

  5. Dil sambhal ja zara

  6. Renimarenju

    I loved haasil and dil sambhal jaa zara is also nice for it’s unique plot

    1. me too

  7. Sunanda12345

    Ek dewaana tha ????

    1. Pavithra1616

      Mee too… I love vikku the most in it..

  8. Haasil

  9. Ek Deewaana Tha looks promising

  10. Maha_Aijaz

    Ek deewana tha and Haasil are looking promising for their unique plots.

  11. 1. DSJZ
    2. Haasil
    3. EDT

  12. 1.DSLZ
    But to talk about haasil i still need time bcoz it is only 2 episode old now.

  13. 1. Haasil
    2. Ek Deewana Tha

  14. Aleya.marzan


  15. haasil is amazing and so is ek deewana tha..sony is doing great with both these shows which has a stellar cast and a superb backstory

  16. Anuradha123

    Ek deewana tha n kaal bhairav rahasya.. I just loved EDT…

  17. AditiB

    I find Haasil interesting, it gives away the aura of high end aristocratic controversies and gripping revenge tale. I think it is worth my time. Apart from that Dil sambhal jaa zara is really pacey and well approaching. Both of these are really interesting. Dil sambhal jaa zara has some really good acting in it, so looking forward to both of them.

  18. Sakash.


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