new RAGSAN ff by Rakhi (Prologue)


Hey guys I’m back with new Ragsan ff. Here is the prologue. But I can only write one at the moment and I’m confused between both of them so please comment which ff would you like to read first.

His Soulmate…broken shards meant to be repaired (PROLOGUE) : It’s a werewolf story.

“The sad truth is that damaged people ARE dangerous….They know they can survive. It’s the people who are in the outside of it all, who might not make it out alive.” He whispered softly in her ear and the only thing she could do was, avert her gaze away from him.
She was a broken, fragile human that could bring about his downfall yet he saw her as someone his to protect and care for. He could be evil for everyone that existed. A deadliest Alpha known in the werewolf history, but only with her could he show his emotions.
Her heart was silently twisted and scarred, Her tongue was tied and her silence spoke volumes.
When you put two opposites together, one is bound to get hurt.

His Solace..His Angel (OBSESSION AT IT’S EXTREME season 2) prologue :

The absence of a human being can create psychological damage beyond repair.
Scars can be healed, broken bones can be mended but an absolute cure for a corrupted mind is impossible.
As his fingers gripped harder and his knuckles turned white against the black steering wheel, his thoughts became more jumbled. He became more irrational and desperate and he realized in that moment, with the silence drowning in his fears, that he would do anything, ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING to keep her FOREVER.
She was a fool to think that everything would be back to normal.
If only she knew that soon enough, her worst nightmare will come true.
“You promised My Angel. Remember? Together and forever.” His sickly sweet voice caused her to whimper in fear as she attempted to stagger back, trying to create as much distance possible.
If you thought that he was obsessed back then, then what would you call it now.

I hope you liked the prologue. If yes, then please comment.

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  1. Never expected but simply awesome no words ??? eagerly waiting☺☺

  2. AMkideewani

    Fantastic, fabulous and superb, I love it dear❤️❤️❤️❤️????

  3. Sreevijayan

    Mindblowing concept..cnt wait to read mre


  5. Inu

    superb dear. excited to read it.

  6. Fabulous dear i want both i can’t choose both are awesome love u dear

  7. Follybraverl

    I am angry on you that’s why I didn’t comment on last part of hsha for ending it now IAM happy

  8. Asra

    fabulous dear…love thz both prologue…waiting for ur update…tkcr dear…

  9. Lahari

    Superb..i want season 2 first

  10. superb.write his solace….. season 2 first

  11. Lovely7

    I want sesaon 2

  12. Richa19

    Awesome di!! I want season two of hsha and then the first story…. Post soon…

  13. Amazing

  14. Fabulous dear, loved it

  15. Asw

    Yaar rakhi 2 prologue is amazing it is difficult to choose 1 I think u can update 2 ff in alternative days may be ur free it’s up to your choice keep going ?

  16. season 2 dr

  17. aww u come back so soon i want both

  18. Awesome sissy love u

  19. SEASON 2

  20. Shrilatha

    awww rakhi u r back I am so happy love u sooooooooooooooooo much

  21. Yaaayyyy u r back!i’m not sad like before.Umm i want both plsss.Specially 2nd one but i want 1st one too.Greedy me lol what to do such a great writer u r 🙂
    Post soon

  22. Pretty plssss write both.His Solace 2updates & His Soulmate one update every week??Waiting for the ffs.Dont break this kiddo’s heart 🙁

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