New Promo!!!! Ishwari does suicide attempt

ESME LUNA GREENWOOD is here with the BRAND NEW PROMO of KUCH RANG PYAR KE AISE BHI where ishwari does the suicide attempt. English subtitles track is given.


Ishwari has a picture of dev and Sonakshi in her hand.

Dev’s background voice- maa mai sonakshi se bahot pyar karta hoon. Mujhe yakeen hai ki tu bhi iss rishte se bahot khush hai.(mom I love sonakshi very much. I believe that you too very happy with this relation.)

Ishwari caresses Dev in the picture. Only Dev.

Ishwari’s background voice- haan duniya ki har maa apne bete ki khushi mein khush hoti hai…..par mai khush kyon nahi hoon….(yes world’s every mom is happy in her son’s happiness. …but why am I not happy…)

She puts the picture aside.She is tensed.
….kyon nahi hoon mai khush….shayad mai vo acchi maa nahi hoon….nahin hoon mai acchi maa ….nahi hoon mai acchi maa…..nahi hoon…nahi hoon…..(why am I not happy….maybe I am not that good mother…I am not a good mother. …I am not a good mother. …not a good mother. ….not a good mother)

She opens the drawer and swallows many pills with water.Glass falls down and breaks.

A male background voice- dekhiye Somvaar se shukrvaar raat sadhe nau baje sirf sony par.(watch from Monday to Friday night 9 : 30pm only on sony)

Ambulance’s horn is heard.

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  1. Chandni patel

    No yaar…it jst started n too early end of thr relationship due to ishwari… one cn do tht…

  2. vaishu

    so sick, this serial is also the same, i thought it will be different from other serials but same old emotional torture, i vl stop watching this, mother suicide what nosense

    • sam

      I also thinkd same. Bt as usual it turns out to b ishqbaaaz better on these issues.reminds bade ache lagte hai ekta knows when to separate when nt to! Bt liks patnaiks need to learn d d show will jst b reset to 3months will losse its romcom form.turnd to b a emotional psychological drama.reminds geet serial of *1.d makers shud learn tht times r changing can’t show wht hapen 5yrs b4 writters keep updat with time & targeted melodramatic aunties watches kuch rang type okkk. Do d damage control or get lost in d 9:30rushhour slot, best of luck

  3. Esme



    Haven’t seen u before here….louie ur real name ??? I can smell something fishy… n ur link nt working properly. ..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.