A new Piya rangrezz….Episode 3


After the college while returning to home SSher whistled seeing Shreya . Shreya looks angrily at him and fumes remembering SSher ‘s word.
She speeds her bike and goes to her home.

SCENE at SSher’s home:
Aaji we r back Arjun says.Bhavri ask how was ur day.SSher says first time a girl has catch my eyes. BD ask who? SSher says tilkraj’s daughter. BD is in shock and says hv u lost ur mind? Just then Gajra ,her son ,Sunheri n her daughter. SSher is happy to see them . Both Arjun n SSher seek their blessings.Gajra says seeing Arjun u hv the same innocence in ur eye which Shraddha jiji had n says to Sher tum pure Sher bhaiya ki chavi ho. Bhavri gets emotional. Arjun is happy to see Somu ( gajra’s son) nd Prachi ( sunheri’s daughter). Prachi has same attitude as of vikas. Everyone are happy all get together for dinner. Shamsher has same likes and dislikes of Sher.

SCENE at Shreya’s house:
Shreya is super angry but her anger melts seeing her puppy. She plays with him nd he licks her ears. Her father enters her room n says meri pari r u not going to eat dinner or not? I hv’ent ate anything because I knew u hv’nt ate anything. Sorry dadu chalo let’s hv dinner.
At night after dinner SSher remembers
Shreya nd is smiling. Arjun nd Somu both jump on SSher and ask why r u smiling . Arjun says bhai kisi ladki ka toh… How u came to know bout it SSher asks. Arjun says ur smile is telling everything.

PRECAP: Shreya is sitting beside Arjun n SSher behind him. She is super irritated nd keeps her head down

Credit to: Bhabya

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  1. Its really nice bhabya but make it a little long

  2. One more thing…shamsher and Arjun must have seen,their parents’ pic so they should have a shickinv reaction at shraddha’s look alike….it was just an opinion…hope u dnt mind

    1. Actually in the story I hv changed it a lil bit that Bhavri devi has not shown the pic of Shraddha to them. Because she didn’t want them to know about it because they will be hurt.
      And sure I will write it long

  3. Shocking*

  4. Mehak Kharoud

    Tilakraj’s daughter name is Aaradhya and Sunehri’s daughter name is Munmun.

    1. Actually I didn’t knew their names before so I wrote the names I. Luved

  5. Real story se to khi better h☺

  6. I agree mehek but it is hood

    1. Mehak Kharoud

      Hmm it is gud ……

  7. hey bhabhya u r doing really well….plz continue….umm….u may make Shreya enter bhavri’s house forcefully by bhavri due to any rivalry and she being shocked and let the love begin in their house…..
    2:u may get a fight of them and let share take revenge and marry her and then realising love
    3:u may also add a love triangle btween bros and Shreya….

    hope u like:):):)?? ……..

    honestly speaking I never think about the story before just sit in a silent place and start writing story cmes in mind by itself…….??

    1. Thanks I m going to apply it idea. I am very much thankful.

      1. hey bhabya….I m waiting for nxt epi….

  8. it’s really veryyyyh nice …….I was veryyyyyy upset …..but after reading ur update. I m feeling better …

    🙂 🙂 :-*

  9. hey bhabya……upload fast plz

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