A new Piya rangrezz….Episode 2

After touching her feet, Arjun says aaji I hv to
go fr my university. SSher says chote I will come with u I hv some work there. They both goes on their bikes. They reach to university . There SSher goes to cafeteria , there he saw girls wearing modern style clothes but between them was a girl in Indian attire ( salwar kameez) . He whistles and says her Komal Kali where r u going? The girl don’t tell her anything but was in anger. Then he says oo ho Komal Kali what happened ? The girl turns back she was a replica of shraddha she says look Mr. if I am not telling anything so u can’t tell me. O! I m afraid ha ha he laughs .She says look if I’m wearing this attire so u tell me Komal Kali then tomorrow watch my real avtar. Nxt day both SSher and Arjun cme on one bike beside them a person come on bike very fast wearing a leather jacket .

SSher also fast his bike but he lose the race. the person enters the university first , SSher tries see the face .The person opens the helmet she is none other than the girl who challenge d SSher .She said U messed with Shreya now look I’m not Komal Kali but today’ s Nari .And hear never mess with me .Arjun was confused what was happening. So he said what is this Komal Kali nd all . Then Shreya says frm ur face I come to know that u don’t what happened yesterday ur friend insulted me saying Komal Kali. Arjun said first of all he is my bro and secondly I know my brother very well he can’t underestimate a girl . Just then Ss her tells Chote this is my matter let me handle the matter u better go for ur lectures.Shreya says of course this is not his matter.

SSher is mesmerized seeing Shreya’s new avtar he says now u r of my type. Then shreys says what my type u mean?? He says modern n beautiful .Shreys iis irritated and she leaves for her class . SSher also goes to his class when he enters the class he sees Shreys sitting on a bench and talking to her friend.SSher says by hook or by crook I will make u my in his mind

PRECAP: SSher n Arjun r seeking blessings of sunheri n gajra . Sunheri n gajra hv came after a month to home as they had gone for some puja.Gajra and Sumer ‘s son is of 20 he had gone with them to help. He is loved by Arjun the most.Sunheri has a daughter who is 24yrs nd is like vikas.

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  1. Cool komal kali yeah kaisa nam hein yaar

    1. He was teasing her

  2. Good real story se to khi jyada better h

  3. I m feeling better by reading it.,.,……thanks…… a …..lot bhabya…. 🙂

    1. Thank u aysha. Feeling confident that it is making u all happy

  4. Really good such me ye real story se bohoot acha hai

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