A new Piya rangrezz….Episode 1

The story is set after the death of Sherdha and after the leap of 25 yrs.
Arjun their younger son is like Shraddha his philosophy r like his mom. He is loved by everyone.
Shamsher is a lookalike of his father but his attitude are very different.
Shreya is a look alike of Shradha but has a spicy attitude. She is her father’s proud. Her father name is Tilakraj Singhania.

Shreya’s younger sister’s name is Ruchi who will be paired opposite Arjun.( it is the character in the real serial track who is paired opposite Shamsher in it , I don’t know her name so gave her a name I liked.)
Amaji know wears a black goggles whose reason nobody knows accept Arjun. The reason is that her eyes are always wet because she cries in grief of lossing Sherdha.
Arjun is wearing a black jeans and white shirt while Ssher is wearing A leather Jacket and brown pants. Both comes and touches amaji’s feet Amaji says hamare Sher ke bache ab bade ho gaye hain. She hugs them.

Precap : Sham Sher and a girl has a bitter fight in which the girl challenges ssher for telling her Komal Kali.

Keep guessing who is the girl and say your views on it by commenting. I will be glad by ur reviews

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  1. Ohhh this is the new track na

  2. good start thnx for bringing shraddha’s look alike……all the best bhabya

    1. Thank angel inspired by u in writing the ff

  3. Nice episode
    Hope u will aslo write story just like angel
    Best of luck for ur ff 🙂 😀

  4. Please bring back shradda…..shradda and sher pair was super…..the story was so nice that I always waited to view the episodes,but now I stop watching this show…..why to take a leap.of 25 yrs.writers please bring back all characters(shradda,sher,suneri,sumer,gajra)

    1. I will try my best to make all ur wishes fulfil in ff.

  5. Yeah I want them all Back please just redo it like sharaddha and sher after 25yrs are back and fall in love but with different names and Chavez gets shocked seeing sharaddha a look alike

  6. Hey guys I meant bhavri

    1. Thank maz in my upcoming track I will try this twist.

  7. Pls bring back shradha…..

  8. Plz bring back Shraddah. Loved her with Sher. Bring sunehri vilkas sumer and gajra also. shraddah can be shamshers love interest

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