A new love story…(Twinj/Sidmin)

Hey friends! We are Anushey…Zuha … And Rafaya! We are here to express our fictional stories!

Well u must be aware of Zuha 😉 The devil’s workshop, also writer of “Twinj ki Tashan-e-shaadi” and “U can fall in love many times…But it is not true always!!”

Well, I Anushey previously wrote an OS for Twinj/Sidmin named as “Imprisoment!” And I am really very happy with your response. Thank you everyone for your support 🙂

I, Rafaya am not much into TEI but I wrote a Fan Fiction on ThaHaan (Thapki – Bihaann from Thapki Pyaar ki) and AsYa (Asad – Zoya from Qubool hai) this is my 1st experience for TEI, so I hope I am able to entertain you all!

And we 3 have join our names as AnuZuRa 😉

We have a few stories in our mind so we would love to share with you all 🙂 The one you like please choose that and only one option would be acceptable, so please co-operate 🙂

1) Title : Love with a touch of hotness
Main characters: Kunj Sarna, Twinkle Taneja, Yuvraaj Sarna, Mahi Taneja.
Plot : Starring Siddhant Gupta and Jasmin Bhasin the story opens as Siddhant playing Kunj Sarna a spoilt brat, and a play boy. Is doing his last year of MBA studies.
While Yuvraaj Luthra played by Zain Imam will be playing Kunj’s elder brother, strict with his rule. Ex-boyfriend of Twinkle. Shows himself as a stone-heart person but loves his brother a lot.
Twinkle Taneja portrayed by Jasmin Bhasin, playing a con girl here. Hates her family especially Mahi and wants to prove herself better from Mahi. She is least-bothered with her studies in contrast of Mahi.
Shritima Mukherjee stared as Mahi is a very obedient daughter of her parents. Concerned for her sister Twinkle. Position holder in her badge. is a book worm. Hates modernism. Sweet and simple.

Story will proceed as of Twinkle and Kunj’s master plan against each other and end up in loving….or…..

2) Title : 7 births…7 promises…7 vows
Main characters : Siddhant/Kunj , Jasmin/Twinkle, Rocky
Plot: A couple separated…Now meets…As said ages pass, time changes, relations are given a new name but love it never changes!!! How will the 2 unknown souls meet???

3) Title : Old is Gold…A new chapter to begin…
Main characters : Kunj and Twinkle
Plot : Kunj and Twinkle are celebrating there 30th anniversary, at the age of 55!! They refresh their memories of the part…and there starts the story of Sadu Sarna and Siyaapa Queen 🙂


So how are our ideas…Well we were confused as of which story you will like so we leave the decision over you! We hope that you all had a good time reading 🙂 Please share your views regarding the given story lines 🙂

Credit goes to : Anushey , Zuha, Rafaya 😉

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  1. SidMin

    I would Like to go with the first option 🙂

  2. Haaan!!!!
    Sorry for the other two…par main sirf Zuha ko hi jaanti hu na…sorry
    Anyways…jo main keh rhi thi
    All 3 stories are so amazing!
    While the third one is something common nowadays,
    The second one is a bit unique
    But, the first one’s gonna be fun!!!
    I liked the first one sweetheart…
    Rest is all up to u….ok?
    Love uh Zuhuu?
    And as for the other two, I hope even I can become friends with u both soon.

  3. Sameera

    Plot seems interesting zuhu yeah I’ll choose 1 options but don’t mind if u start 3 stories also u know laalach ????

  4. Ria

    The first story seems to be pretty different. I’d prefer going with it.?

  5. First option pleaseeeee

  6. Shreya098

    I too would like to go with the first one..

  7. Ayu

    Yaar! U r making it difficult for me!! Teenon awesome hai…kya karoon??
    I dont know…i loved all three of them??

  8. I will go for first one 🙂

  9. The first story seems interesting.. so I would go for first one 🙂

  10. Kritika14

    Loved all the three stories but loved the first one a little more ? so i’ll prefer for you to go with the first one. The rest is your opinion 🙂

  11. Ranabulbul

    Awwwww meri zuhu
    Sorry Baku ko nhi janti hoon
    Per Ab Jan jaengi
    U three r awesome man
    But I would like to go with the first one
    And zuhu darlo ur message cleared everything
    Its just like that ke I can’t see somebody dragging somebody personal life in this virtual world
    So my darlo keep smiling always

  12. Lovely.
    I ll go with the first one ….

  13. Sujina

    anuzura…its very difficult 2 choose…
    bt best 1 is option 1 as it’ll be fun 2 read…love u all…n post asap

  14. Ayeshakhanum11

    amazing will be waiting

  15. Kruti

    First one is pretty interesting…..i choose that

  16. dreamer..arundhati

    My 3 cuties…ab kya bolu
    All r fab
    Plz jaldi start karna

  17. Romaisha

    Oh god … Sorry … But i can’t choose as i LOVED ALL THREE!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    Start anyone yaar or all three ?… Don’t mind any story 🙂

  18. Rashiverma2199

    First option lock koya jaaye….

  19. Ol r gud yaaar…..but 1st one seems more thrilling….so I vote for dat?
    Lucking forward for our trio effect…..
    Continue soon…….?

  20. Twinjfan.tamanna

    three are awesome…u can write both three…greedy hun mai.first story mujhe bohot hi pasand hai..

  21. Hey zuha how r you and Anushey and rafaya welcome to tei family yr your every plot is amazing but as you told we have to tell one so I will go with thefirst one as it is sounds really interestong eagerly waiting for it and if wilk get time post another two also hahahah laalchi aur selfish hu mai hai na????
    I know I know bachpan se u know….
    Love post soon waitig for it bye bye

  22. Baby

    yr i luvd all bt i ll choose first option
    luving it n wuld b w8ing
    osm anuzura yr luv u all osm n cute…………….

  23. Sanjanaagrawal

    All are gud …. but 1st is option is best …

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