a new love story (kaira, naksha, kriyu) (ss) (part-2)

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Naira is driving the car very rashly , suddenly her car stops . she tries to start the car . she starts crying and she sits down in shock . she thinks , hey bagwan how will I stop karthik now . somebody keeps a hand on her shoulder . she turns back and finds a beautiful girl(played by yukti kapoor) smiling . the girl says , I think u have an emergency come wid me I will drop u wherever u want . naira smiles and gets up . she sits in the girl’s car . the girl says do u love somebody ? naira says ya and I want to reach him before he goes away to delhi . the girl says don’t worry I will take u there as soon as possible . naira says u r too good , even without knowing who I am , u r helping me . the girl says , helping is not done seeing the person . it is done seeing their problem . naira smiles . the girl drops naira near the airport and goes away in the car .

Naira goes running towards the main building of the airport . she sees karthik going there . she shouts karthik but karthik does not hear her . the guard stops her . but she does not stop. She pushes the guard and goes inside . she shouts karthik . karthik turns back . she shouts , karthik don’t go , will u leave ur veeru and go off . she says I love u karthik , I love u so much . if u go away now , u will never see me . karthik gets teary eyed . all the people look at karthik and naira . karthik comes running and hugs naira . he says do u really love me . naira says I am sorry , it took me so much time to realise my love . Tere sang yaara song plays in background . karthik says thank god u finally realised ur feelings otherwise . naira cuts in and says yeh mendak kabhi nahi sudrega .

karthik hugs naira . naira and karthik come out of the airport . mendak ab gar chale . karthik says why r calling me mendak again , we friends now . naira says karthik I like to call u mendak and ya now we r not friends , we r above that. Karthik says I love u naira . naira says I love u too karthik and gets teary eyed . she says how could u think of going away from me . karthik holds his ears and says I will never go away from u naira I promise u and then kaira share a tight hug wid yeh rishta kya music in the bg

Precap: the girl who helped naira sees karthik wid naira and slaps karthik . naira gets shocked .

thank u for all the comments u gave so far keep commenting . thanks a lot for reading my ff

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  1. Anyan

    I like the story

    1. thank u . happy that u liked it

  2. Sethidisha002

    osam but why the gal slap kartik

    1. thanks a lot . u will know that in the upcoming episodes

  3. It was awesome but make it a little bit long

    1. thanks , sure

  4. Awesome story

    1. thanks a lot

  5. Hey superb dear loved the confession
    May be its Karthik sis yukti is
    Good job

    1. yes , she is .thanks a lot

  6. Awesome

    1. thank u

  7. Jasminerahul

    Loved yukti’s dialogue regarding helping naita.loved how naira declared her luv,kaira hug n song.confession was romantic

    1. thanks a lot di

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