a new love story (kaira, naksha, kriyu) (ss) (part-4)


I am posting this part after so many days . I am really sorry guys , I will try to be regular here after . for those who have not read the previous parts , here is the link
Part 3

Naira says who r u and why r u slapping my karthik ? the girl says are karthik , this girl loves u so much yar . karthik smiles . he says naira , this is my sister naina . she is angry because I left my home and gets sad .naina says naira we will tell that later and nice to meet u dear and hugs naira . naira says naina di I did not expect that I will meet u again and u would be my sis in law . naina smiles . she says this world is so small naira . naina says now its enough , u r coming wid me to my home now . karthik says but nani…naira says karthik I think di needs u more . naina says u r so sweet naira . I have already started liking u . naira smiles and says karthik , mumma will be searching for me so I need to go right now . karthik waves a bye to naira , while she goes smiling , naina says chale chotu ,karthik says di , I told u not to call me chotu . naina says chotu , stop it yar , we have ,met after one year . karthik says today call me whatever u want but after today , no calling me chotu . naina laughs . naira comes home . she sees karthik’s missed calls . she smiles . gayu notices this .

she says naira why r u smiling . naira says nothing gayu di and goes from there . gayu smiles and thinks , something is wrong . gayu comes to naira’s room . she finds naira’s phone ringing . she calls naira but naira does not come . she takes her phone nd sees a voice –message . she sees the name karthik and gets a lil jealous . she clicks on the message . karthik says naira , I loveu , I luv u , I luv u a lot . nothing is more important than u to me . tears starts falling from gayu’s eyes . she tries to switch of the message but her hands were shivering because of sadness . karthik continues , he says I am so happy that u accepted my proposal . since di was wid me I could not tell u I luv u a lot that too on our first outing as lovers . luv u naira , call me now . phone falls down from gayu’s hands . she goes running towards her room . she shuts herself ,and cries . she thinks , I cant imagine a life without karthik , I don’t want to live now and goes out of her room running . she walks on the road aimlessly and sees a car coming very fast and goes in front of it . the car was abt to hit her when a strong hand pulls her and she falls on the person and she and the person have a eyelock

To be continued…

Please share ur views on how u felt reading this , thanks a lot for taking ur time and reading this ff .

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  1. Ishram

    Its really good?

    1. thanks a lot

  2. Good one dear
    a bit longer

    1. thanks a lot di . i will make it longer .

  3. Hales

    Nyc one ☺

    1. thank u

    1. thank u

  4. Renee

    nice one….waiting for nxt update

    1. thank u di . happy to c ur comment . will update soon


    1. thank u

  6. Cynthia

    Awesome, was eagerly waiting for this epi. Naira-Kartik-Naina bonding cute. Gayu’s sucide attempt, everything was superb. Do you have Mishti in your FF if yes, please make Mishti older like 15 years not 8.
    Eagerly waiting for next epi.

    1. thanks a lot dear . happy to c ur comment . was waiting for ur comment . ya sure , i will make mishti older only . in next episode i will show mishti

  7. Jasminerahul

    Karthik mains naira meeting was nice.but why is kartik away from his home? Gayu is heartbroken knowing kartik’s luv for naira.good that instead of showing a horrible suicide attempt you showed her walking aimlessly on the road not in senses.wow…a guy saves her and loved d eyelock.waiting for his proper introduction

    1. thanks a ton di , his intro will be given by next episode , he will be a very fun loving and simple guy

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