a new love story (kaira, naksha, kriyu) (ss) (part-3)

happy diwali to all of u .

Naira and karthik go to a restaurant and naira says karthik , break my fast . karthik says u have fasted for me ? naira says han and I know u would have also fasted for me . karthik smiles . they enter the restaurant and naira feeds karthik and then karthik feeds naira and they share a romantic eyelock (yeh rishta kya ….plays in bg ) . naira says ab gar chale , karthik says ok and they go to singhania mansion . naira and karthik enter singhania mansion separate –separately,naira goes first then karthik comes . akshara sees naira so happy and asks her to break her fast . naira says I was so hungry that I ate in a restaurant while coming back .akshara says if u cant stay hungry why did u fast , ok now go and change into some good dress . naira says ok mumma and goes . naira comes in a red lehenga . karthik gets mesmerised seeing her . naira smiles seeing karthik staring at her . gayu who stood near naira misunderstands that karthik is staring at her . gayu too smiles .

The next day naira gets up and finds karthik in her room . she gets shocked . she asks how did u come here . karthik says aunty , dadi and ur badi dadi have gone to temple . naitik sir has gone to office . mishti has goneto school so nobody is at home and holds her close . he tries to kiss her when she pushes him and runs away laughing . naira says I need to go to dance academy , will u drop me . karthik smiles ……

Naira sees a ice cream shop and asks karthik to stop . karthik stops his bike and naira and karthik get down and eat ice cream . the girl who helped naira before is seen coming in car .

She sees karthik and gets shocked . she sees naira too . she asks her driver to stop and gets down of the car . she goes to karthik . karthik gets shocked seeing her . the girl says why did u do this to me and slaps karthik . karthik says I am sorry and hugs the girl . naira sees all this , she gets shocked

Precap : . gayu gets to know about kaira . she tries to attempt suicide .

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  1. Cynthia

    Very nice dear eagerly waiting for the next part.
    And yes, never saw Naira going to school/college I mean she should study by this other than doing nothing and just chilling at home, same to Kartik.
    CVS tried to make it realistic but its not realistic at aĺl lol.

    1. ha ha ha true dear . they did not show her going to school/college, lol . she is literate and so intelligent without going to school , i have always been thinking about this . thank u for ur comment dear , will update next part soon

  2. Happy diwali and ur ff is awsome

    1. belated happy diwali dear , thanks a lot

  3. Awesome
    It was mind blowing

    1. thanks a ton namrata

  4. Anyan

    It was mind blowing
    plz continue the story

    1. thanks a lot

  5. Fantastic story

    1. thanks a lot

  6. Sethidisha002

    nice but expose that gal who slap kartik and kaira are the couple who is that gal to slap our hero kartik

    1. will show who the girl is , in the next episode . thanks a lot for ur comment

  7. Jasminerahul

    Kaira breaking each others fast was cute.was it karvachauth?room scene was romantic. u did she also yukti?is she kartik’s sister or friend?

    1. yes di , the girl is yukti only . her name is naina and yes she is karthik’s sister

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