A new LoVe story -episode 9


I forgot to write it early before engagement in our marwari system.
We send a whole nariyal(coconut) tied in red cloth with,jaggery,chaval,durva,101₹,red cloth. Along with sweets and fruits.boys side send this things with pandit ji to girl’s house.

Pandit ji come at girl’s house and call everyone.
He says in high tone.
This dharm nariyal has came from xxxx village send by Mr.x and Mrs.y p/o Mr.z to ms.c daughter of Mr.a and Mrs.b will you accept this proposal of marriage to your daughter Mr.a

girl’s family accept it happily and they calls pandit ji inside the house,make him sit.
Pandit ji reads some mantra and handover the dharm nariyal to girls family and they give some dakshina to panditji and tell him to give this good news and they too send the nariyal with all the things with their pandit.

After few days they got engagement.
(I saw this in my cousin’s engagement).

Everyone gather in engagement hall.
Note:girl and boy both be in different rooms.
For girls ladies do the ritual and for boys gents do all the ritual.

Here in meera’s room her would be MIL give him a nariyal,beautiful dress,some fruits and sweets and adornment things.
Others ladies also give one by one thing from in laws side.

Here same with boy.

After engagement they make them wear the dress brought by in laws.

After that they give some shagun to both girl and boy.

After engagement both the family let the kids meet alone.

Keshav and meera meet at terrace.
Meera’s pov:
My heart was beating so fast as only me and keshav were here.

I didn’t speak a word suddenly prince started conversation.

He asked me about myself and family
Same I did so.

I was very shy and blushing (don’t know why).

Then I gathered some dare and said to keshav
Pri..prince I want to say something to you..
Um..yes princess go ahead.
(A/n I don’t know how couple’s talk on their first meet.lol?).

Prince… actually I…I
Tell me princess don’t shy.

I actually I love someone else…

Then why you engaged with me.

No prince I like you too..but
(Cutting her sentence)but what princess and what you like me too.

Will you please explain it clearly.

Of course if you let me talk?.

Ok ok say…

Mm so prince I love someone else.
He is so special so lovable,he is supreme to all.
He is everything,there is not enough words to sing his glory.
Oh prince (meera’s eyes filled with tears she has big smile on her face while talking about HIM) there is no one equal to him.
You too know him prince.everyone knows about him,his love and glory.

He is none other than krishna.
(A/n (giggles)This name gives me goosebumps?)

Hearing this prince laughed so hard.

Why are laughing like this prince?.

Keshav’s pov:
I started laughing like mad,for a sec I thought meera really loves someone else and she cheated me and my family.
And then she said she love krishna.
Thank Krishna,she is really a big devotee.I saw in her eyes when she was talking about krishna,how much she loves him.

When she ask why Im laughing like this I have no words.

I controlled my laugh and said,im sorry princess I thought you love someone else.
But I have no problem with your krishna as I too love him.
He is my good friend.(winks).

So no need to worry,she smiled and ran away from that place.

I was standing there thinking how pure her love is towards krishna.
At that time chandarika came there with sad face.

Chanda’s pov:
I came to talk I said to prince with sad tone.
He said go ahead,will you love my sister after knowing that she loves someone else.
Prince smiled and said of course why not.
And don’t worry I know she loves krishna a lot.

You’re right I said with fake smile.
But she loves him.

I know little princess said prince.

I said with teary eyes the love which she won’t able to give you.
She won’t able to love you with her soul.

Prince was stunned hearing this
What do you mean chandarika.

Prince she is mad in love with krishna.she like you because you’re a blessing of krishna.she See you as krishna.
She like you,she have feelings for you more than like but less than love.

Her love towards krishna is so pure that she can do anything for him.
She accept this marriage just krishna ordered her in her dream.

Prince smiled and said even my soul belongs to my family and country people.
I too like princess but not more than my country people.

You both are in same boat I wish you two live happy life I said and left the place.

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