A new LoVe story -episode 8


Narayan and laxmi’s pov:

Swami I know you love your devotes so much then why this with meera said laxmi.

Priya,meera is my devote and she think me as her husband and I don’t want to break her trust so I decided to pair him with keshav as he will be his perfect partner just like you and me.(smiles).

Swami but keshav is your blessing not ansh and meera think he is your ansh then how will they both going to adjust with each other.

Yes priya he is my blessing but in the view of keshav’s parents and meera he is my ansh and don’t worry time decides everything so let’s see.

If my devotes think me as their child or friend I come as they wish.

Swami you and your leelas(smiles).

Keshav’s pov:
Where were you gone devansh?
Anyways, I’m little bored here let’s go somewhere near.

As you wish keshav said devansh.

We asked to bhabasaa and he let us to roam in garden,uuh in garden😟.

Meera’s pov:
Me and chanda were roaming in garden and suddenly we saw prince and his friend (the same guy whom I met few mins ago) roaming in garden.

I gestured at chanda let’s go.
But she was just smirking at me.

I was really feeling shy to face prince I still feel like krishna is near to me.

we were so near to him and  his friend.
We came by face to face.prince really had charming look with hazel brown colour eyes.he just looks like krishna for me.(winks)

His friend introduce about him and prince.
Here chanda introduced herself and me.

At that a daasi came by running towards us and said sorry prince and princess but you both should not meet each other before engagement ordered maharanisaa.

We all nodded and head towards engagement hall.

I turned and saw prince as he too did so I smiled and as he too smiled and we walked away.

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