A new LoVe story -episode 7


Devansh’s pov:
I was talking with my bestie prince keshav.when I suddenly notice a beautiful girl is continuously staring keshav. Well! he is busy with guests so he didn’t notice her.

I excused myself from there and walked towards her.

She was extremely beautiful and I got it.she must be princess meera.my going to be bhabisaa.

I ‘coughed’ to make her attention towards me.

She saw me and said oh! I’m sorry,i didn’t saw you.

Well!you may be princess meera and by the way why are you staring our prince.?

No..no I .. I am not meera.iam her friend and I am not staring prince.i came here to call prince sudarshan.(lied?).

Ohhh!joothi I murmured.

Did you said something asked Bhabisaa.

Nope!I said with smiling.

Oh ok then iam going namastey!!said Bhabhisaa and ran away from that place.

Meera’s pov:
Phew…I thought I got caught by that boy.i don’t know who is he.may be friend of prince.

I ran towards my room calling chanda.

Chanda… chanda where are you,i want to talk something important.

I’m here di said chanda.

I..I really…

Calm down dii first sit here.said chanda

Ok..I want to ask you why prince dressed himself like krishna.

Like krishna…said chanda and start laughing like mad???.

Dii are you ok,nai nai lets go to vedji.
I think you lost your mind?.

Stop it chanda?.
I’m serious.

Ohhh! Rajkumari meera is serious?.

STOP…and listen,i saw him as krishna.

Dii it’s just your illusion.because you love krishna a lot.

And its good that you see krishna in Prince.

Ummm..may be you’re right chanda.

But he just looks like krishna.
And I am happy that I’m marrying my Krishna.?

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