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A new LoVe story -episode 6


We ran towards dadasaa’s room.he was lying on his bed unconscious.i sat near to him and asked to vedji(doctor).what happen to my dadu(teary eyes).

Nothing to worry princess said vedji he will be alright.

Maasaa hold my hand and dragged me to corner of a room.

Are you happy now.your dadasaa had attack.why are you so stubborn girl😠.

Grow up!girl.when you’re not liking anyone else.then why are you not ready for this marriage.

Maasaa,i will give my answer to you tomorrow.

Are you sure.tomorrow before pooja I need your it!


Now go to your room and prepare yourself for your answer😒.

Meera’s pov:

Maasaa just scold me😭.

Well!does krishna said truth in my dream or he tricked me… huh…

What…what if he tricked me..

No no no…he can’t.

But still I don’t want to marry anyone else.


I will say yes!!

I will test that prince tomorrow whether he has quality of krishna or not.
I just need three quality in him and I will marry him.😏(kidding).

Krishna be ready it’s your test too tomorrow.lets see does he have qualities like you or not.(laughs).

Make your prince ready krishna.😛


Meera di….

Tell me what he said in your dream asked chanda.

Umm…he said to me to marry prince if! I find three qualities similar to krishna in him.

Really di…😉

Yes! So you will help me to test prince are you ready.
Yes!!!di.(both giggles).

Keshav’s pov:
I got ready for my engagement and we arrived to maharaj aditya’s palace.

There were not so many guests only close friends and family.😕.

I am just thinking what’s going on why there are only few people’s.its doesn’t seems like any function here(smirk).

Prince sudarshan welcomed me and make me wear new safa(turban).
It’s matches with my dress I said with smile.

Meera’s pov:
I ordered to chanda to go and check how prince look.does he have similarities of krishna or not.

Chanda’s pov:
I came to ceremony hall.i just roamed here and there so no one can doubt me.then I saw a really handsome teenaged boy.

Wow he looks cute.
Just then I remembered about qualities.
1.he shouldn’t be fair in colour.(note not being racist meera just need colour tone like Krishna).
2.his eyes should be rare in colour like krishna.
3.his smile should me cute just like krishna.
Oh my Krishna PASS!!😨.

Oh no prince have all the qualities I said to meera di..

She just shouted,whatt… how’s this even possible.i will go and check.

Meera’s pov:
Huh! Chanda is could he just pass the test with all the qualities.i will check.

I saw prince and blinked like thousand times.😲😵
My eyes were wide open.he just looks like krishna.

Why he dressed himself like krishna.i murmured.

I just felt something in my heart was so fast that anyone can hear.
Then I closed my eyes and listened to my inner voice.
Go girl!he is krishna himself!!!

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