A new LoVe story -episode 5


Meera’s pov:
Bhagwan!!! I fell on my knees in front of krishna.its still feel like a very sweet dream which came true.(?crying in happiness).

Krishna: meera why you try to do this I didn’t expect this from you.

Bhagwan because I had no other option!!!

Meeraaaa.it doesn’t mean you can kill yourself.did you thought for a sec what will have your family gone through if you had killed yourself.killing yourself for a silly problems is an eg of COWARD.

COWARD…no bhagwan I am not coward and my love for you is not a silly thing(?sad).

Meera i didn’t mean to your love for me.i was saying you should face your problem and in my view you should marry that cute prince(smiling).

Prabhu mere, no ways…you know very well I am not gonna marry any prince wrince…?.
I will marry you!!!

Thats impossible meera.
Don’t be childish you know very well it is impossible to marry with me.

Well you know that I made human just to give them some duties and responsibilities.

Yes bhagwan and you made me to do your bhagti and love you unconditionally.

Well you’re under Maya..meera..
Everyone loves and do bhakti it’s not a big thing.i will be happy if you fulfill your duty and responsibilities.


Ok you know!! that I live in every living beings.right…just think I live in that prince too so obviously you’re going to marry me only…

Leeladari? don’t take me in your words.you won’t trick me??.
Even you live in tress but? it doesn’t matter I can marry tree too?(laughing so hard).

Even krishna started laughing with her.dear I know what you wanna say.
But this time you won’t neglect me when I will open a secret to you.

Secret..but it’s illegal in your own laws right.(shocking?).

Yesss dear! But you didn’t left any other option.
Listen to me carefully and yes don’t reveal this secret to anyone even not to chanda.

I just nodded.?

Dear! long time ago like 20 years ago Prince’s parents did a really big yagya to get putra ratna.i was really pleased by their bhagti for almost a year they did all kind of daan punya etc.they kept upvas(fast) in which they had only water and milk no fruits and vegetables.

By their pure devotion I was really impressed and gifted them myself (krishna ansh).
Note:don’t mistake it with avatar.its just a blessing of krishna gifted his ansh to them.(I hope you got it what I wanna say).lol?.

So probably prince is ansh of me.
Now tell me won’t you marry my ansh???meera.

Prabhu… I’m still confused…?

Meera just think you’re unable to marry me so I divided my ansh into prince.

What!!! jumping with happiness…like like you did in dwapr yug with your wives like you divided yourself into 1608 ansh and stayed with all the Queen’s.

And now you sent yourself for me.???

Yes yes!!same like that.so my dear now you got it.one more thing in near by future you will have really a big responsibility,be ready.?

Meera’s pov:

I heard someone is shouting oh yaa chanda.

Meera di wake up why are you sleeping here in temple.

Wait what??? Sleeping.. temple.where is he where he gone(running here and there).

Who??meera di whom you’re searching.

He…(thinking) oh so he was in my dream,but…but I pinched myself at that time.then ohhh my head(confused).

Leave this things meera di dadasaa!!!?(worried).

Hey flowers of Kanhaa! How’s you all doing.i know today’s part is little boring.?but I tried my best.

Here you go with today’s question.
(Did krishna tricked meera?)

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