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A new LoVe story -episode 4


Meera’s pov:

I got ready for engagement (broken)
I wore the earrings gifted by chanda.

Wow!!! You’re looking really pretty said maasaa and chanda.i just smiled little.

They left the room and said to take rest.maasaa left the room but chanda stayed in my room.

Chanda’s pov:
I know dii is so sad and this engagement is against her wish.but though she is ready this made me so confused.

I stayed in her room as I wanna know something really important.

I asked to her dii are you sure? You really wanna marry!(doubt)

She just nodded.

I said I can help you if you don’t want to marry.

She looked at me with teary eyes and said you know that I don’t want to marry.but…but you know this is just for dadasaa and family.they are hiding something from me.

I just hugged her and said don’t worry everything will be fine!

Ok tell me😏 what did you talk with HIM.

Meera’s pov:

I just blushed and wiped my tears and said so you really want to know??😜

She was just asking me like a kid,yes yes pls dii tell me pls pls pls!!!

I laughed so hard on her act.we both hugged each other so tightly.

Ok i will tell you why I am ready for this marriage.😉


I said huge no to maasaa and ran form my room to krishna’s temple.

I closed the door of temple and sat inside.i was crying so hard.

I turn to krishna and Start yelling on him

Are you happy just got what you needed.yes now I won’t come to you, won’t meet you, never ever gonna talk with you.
Are you listening to me.
Now you don’t have to because i will kill myself today.

So you will be free from my bond.

Meera ready to have poison😲.
On your birthday you will get a really big gift.yes I am leaving this just don’t one will question you.

You just always play your flute and be happy with your Queens.
Why will you worry for me.who am I for you😭😭😭(crying).

When I opened a lid of poison.just than a bright light appeared in front of me.suddenly someone pushed my hand.

I just stand there with shock.tears were rolling down from my eyes.i was Freezed there.

In my front shakshaat sree krishna was standing.

It felt like I was dreaming.i pinched myself.i was so happy.

I finally met him,for whom I was waiting for like years.finally(crying with happiness).

I am really disappointed he said with really sweet voice.his voice is just like sweet nectar.

I said prabhu(folding hands🙏 and shaking).

He said,so you really want to end your life.go ahead I’m here to take your atma.

I was shocked.what!!you’re here just to take my atma.
I thought you’re here to stop my marriage (sad).

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