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A new LoVe story -episode 3


Next day:
Meera’s pov:
Maasaa “I am ready for the marriage”. I said with heavy heart.

We walked to dadasaa’s room.
He was happy hearing this so called great news of my marriage.
He said now he will be fine after hearing this news.

Yes yesterday he got mild attack.
Because I said NO for marriage.

I know this is the worst decision of my life.but I already decided with him.and I still remember what he said.

Now I will follow his path.
Yes I will follow KRISHNAPATH.

Maasaa told me to be ready as my engagement is today.(sad)

I still don’t know should I marry that prince or not.i don’t know how he looked or what is his so called name.(angry).

Meera’s engagement dress.

Keshav’s engagement dress.

My mom gave me the cute engagement dress.i liked the dress.i will wear it.but not for engagement.

Keshav’s pov:
I came back from practice.when I get to know that my father had arranged marriage for me.

I am not yet ready for this marriage I said to bhabasaa.

He said this marriage is for our villagers because they are suffering from huge losses.because from last two years there is not a single drop of rain.

So they want me to get I can do big yagya to please lord Indra.

I asked why can’t they,are uncle,aunt do this yagya.

Bhabasaa said for this pooja they need new married couple who will be future king and queen.

I said ok I am ready! just to save my country people.

I don’t know to whom I’m gonna marry or what is her name.

Today we are going to their kingdom for my marriage discussion and engagement.

Hey friends once again thank you for your support.
I hope you all are liking my story.
Today’s questions(how did meera agreed for marriage,is this because of her grandpa or something else.)

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