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A new LoVe story -episode 2


Meera’s pov

When I heard that my family arranged my marriage without asking me once.

I felt like my head is hit by something so hard.for a min I was standing there like a statue.

Suddenly I felt something on my was chanda she was smiling at me.

I got so angry and start shouting like could you grandpa…how can you do this to me(crying😭).
Atleast you all should have asked me once.i want to marry or not.
I was shouting so hard on one replied me a word.after few secs I felt like everything is going blur and then suddenly black and I fell down.

I slowly opened my eyes,i can hear blabbering of people around me.

Suddenly a voice said,she is fine maharaj nothing to worry,she just fainted.

I closed my eyes for a min.

Then I opened my eyes and sat straight on bed.i asked where am I?

Chanda laughed and said,see she just lost her memory.dont you recognize us.

I mean in which place I am?

Ohhh… In your room..di!

I sat silently,i buried my head in my chest.i know now maasaa or bhabasaa going to yell on me.

Suddenly my maa asked to me,dear do you like someone else!(serious).

I thought i got a chance I should say to maasaa that yes I love someone else.

But my mind is quarrelling with me,i should or shouldn’t!!!

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