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A new LoVe story – episode 17


Next day in early morning meera and keshav got ready for thier new rituals.
Now they are husband and wife.
So they need to get blessings of God’s and goddesses for thier new life.(my mom told marriage is our second birth😃).

With empty stomach they have to go devsthan(temples).

First they did pooja of kuldevta and kuldevi.

Then other main temples of rajya.

Before noon they arrived back to kingdom.

They are resting now.

Chanda and rani Sanjana is with meera helping her to pack her things.

They all were sad.
Sudarshan came there with sad face and hugged meera tightly.

Didisaa please don’t leave me,how will we live without you.said sudarshan with tears.

Bau,whenever you feel like you want to see me just send me a letter I will come here,said meera smiling sadly.

Promise jija..said sudarshan forwarding his right hand.

Promise!said meera softly.

Chanda left the room crying.

Meera gone after her,she was sitting in her room and crying.

Meera patted her head and hugged her tightly.

Aa chanda!said meera cupping Chanda’s face.
I’m not living you forever.

Didi…said chanda jerking meera’s hands.

I’m sorry chanda I didn’t mean that.

Same rules applies for you as I said to sudarshan.

Whenever you need me just send me a letter.
And if you want to talk urgently then talk to krishna.he will help you Everytime.

Meera came out with idol of Krishna holding in her hand.
Everyone is hugging meera and crying.
Her grandpa,her father,her mother,h er sister and brother.everyone is crying.

Meera…stay happy my child.
Aways obey your elders dear.
Be a good daughter in law just as you been good daughter.said her grandpa,father and mother.

Sudarshan and chanda hugged her tightly.

Keshav folded his hands and took blessings of his in laws.

Jamaisaa,please always take care of daughter said maharaj aditya with tears.

Don’t worry saa now she is my responsibility.

Ab aagya dijiye said maharaj ranjit.

Both bride and groom sat in royal chariot and departure to thier kingdom.

Keshav’s palace.
Here keshav’s mom and aunt arranging things to welcome new bride.

Baarat came back said charumita excitedly.

They arranged two big royal chairs in aangan(courtyard).

Royal couple entered in courtyard.

Charumita stand beside meera and stayed with her.
Rani rohini took the idol of Krishna from meera and kept in new temple,specially ordered by keshav from dwarka to surprise meera.

Meera whispered thank in keshav’s ear.he smiled.

They both sat on chairs.

Meera was sitting uncomfortably as she is wearing long veil with heavy jewellery:( and heavy dress,uff.

One by one ladies came and performed Rajasthani folk dance.(it’s a kind of welcoming dance).

Meera was super tired and now she just want sleep.

After finishing dance.

They arrived inside and did this rituals one by one.
Kicking a kalash very lightly.😝
Making a hand and leg prints.✋👣.
Taking one by one plates.
Etc etc.

Now they both arrived in thier room which is not decorated.
(Because thier first night is postponed)

First they have to do yagya for country people tomorrow.

They both are happy for this.
As they were some useful to help others.
They both sat on their separate beds arranged by choti rani mohini.

They changed thier outfits Into normal dress.
They chitchat for few mins(talking about tomorrow’s yagya😑) boring couple😄.(my friend named them😂).

And then they slept peacefully.
Because they were soooooooo tired.

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